Peckham Christmas Newsletter from Canada 2018

Peckham Christmas Newsletter from Canada 2018

EWCV Newsletter August 2018

EWCV Newsletter August 2018

Peckham Newsletter Summer 2018

Peckham Newsletter Summer 2018

EWCV Easter Newsletter April 2017

EWCV Easter Newsletter April 2017

EWCV Christmas Newsletter December 2016

EWCV Christmas Newsletter 2016

EWCV May Newsletter 2015

EWCV May Newsletter 2015

EWCV December Newsletter 2014

EWCV December Newsletter 2014

EWCV October Newsletter 2014

EWCV October Newsletter 2014

EWCV August Newsletter 2014

EWCV August Newsletter 2015

EWCV March Newsletter 2014

Newsletter Spring (March 2014) for EWCV Uganda Greetings from Uganda The staff and children of EWCV send you greetings from Uganda.   We have been receiving reports from family and friends back in the Prairies of Canada telling us about the terrible winter months which have been the worst since 1976 we are told.   Yesterday the temperature […]

EWCV November Newsletter 2013

Bill & Ann’s Return to Uganda   Many people have been wondering whether we are still in Canada.   We arrived back in Uganda on September 10th after a lengthy but safe trip back.   We spent two days in Kampala where we had one full day with Elisha before heading to our home in Masaka.   He […]

EWCV Newsletter September 2013

Bill & Ann’s Return to Uganda We fly from Winnipeg on September 9th to Chicago where we have a full ten-hour wait until our evening flight for Brussels. We have a two-hour wait in Brussels and then take the flight with Brussels Airlines to Entebbe in Uganda. We will arrive in Uganda at 11 pm […]

EWCV Newsletter – May 2013

Please note new address in Winnipeg for EWCV Head Office:    a) At the end of June 2013 The Post Office will no longer re-address old addresses to our new address.   Please take note of the new mailing address: Eagles Wings Children’s Village                                                                                                 #712-133 Niakwa Road                                                                                                 Winnipeg, Manitoba                                                                                                 R2M 5J5     Canada Phone: Pat […]

EWCV Newsletter – March 2013

Progress Report for Ann Ann is doing well and has been undergoing preparations to begin radiation treatment this coming Monday, March 11th. She will have two hour treatment sessions Mondays to Fridays at noon each day, Monday to Friday with chemo treatments on Wednesdays only. Many people have been phoning/emailing asking about her progress with […]

EWCV Newsletter January 2013

                                                                              Update on Ann    Hi family/friends, Well, today, I (Ann Peckham) found out at the doctor’s office […]

EWCV Newsletter December 2nd, 2012

EWCV Newsletter December 2nd, 2012 Another School Year Ends November 30th, 2012   Students at Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School as well as Eagles Wings High School completed their school year Friday, November 30th.   They will now have two months of holidays before resuming classes in February 2013.   The Primary Seven students […]

EWCV Newsletter October 2012 Update

On Oct 24, 2012, at 3:48 PM, Bill Peckham wrote:   Dear Friends/Family,      Greetings from Masaka, Uganda.   Here is an update on events happening at EWCV in Uganda.       Praise Items: EWCV Social Worker, Allan Kisakye & his wife, Harriet, are the proud new parents of a baby girl named […]


THE RAINY SEASON HAS ARRIVED AT EWCV Our dry season has now left us and we are into the rainy season.   Each season usually lasts about three months.   Our farmers are now having their cornels from the last harvest of maize milled in the nearby town.  Our Farm Manager, Anatoli, says that we should be […]

Eagles Wings Children’s Village July 2012 Newsletter

Family #3 Construction and Benefit Concert  A Benefit Concert was recently held in Gretna, Manitoba, Canada to raise money for continuing construction for Family #3.   Nearly $8,000 was raised at this concert which saw guitarist Phil Keaggy perform to nearly 350 people.   Four of our Canadian Board Members and their families were in attendance.  Those […]

Newsletter April 2012 – Eagles Wings Children’s Village, Uganda

Newsletter April 2012 Eagles Wings Children’s Village ~ Uganda Shoe Distribution ~ written by volunteer Kurt Petersen of Canada How important are shoes to you? I remember shoes being very important to many people back in North America with closets filled with colourful and well-made shoes which were not only for protecting our feet and […]

March 2012 Newsletter Eagles Wings Children’s Village – Uganda

                                             March 2012 Newsletter from Eagles Wings Children’s Village Uganda   Dear friends, family and supporters, The month of February has been a busy one for us here inUganda.  All children have now returned […]

January 2012 Newsletter EWCV -Uganda

                                                                        January 2012 Newsletter from Eagles Wings Children’s Village Uganda   New Primary School Painted on the Front Exterior Thanks to […]

NEWSLETTER EWCV Uganda October 2011

October 2011 Newsletter for Eagles Wings Children’s Village, Uganda Annual Christmas Feeding and Gift Bag Programs We will be having our three annual Christmas feedings for the Lubumba community children including our own children of the three families.   We will also be needing to make up Gift Bags for the children from the communities.   These children […]

Sorry cannot get picture on Website. Allan Kisakye, and his fiance, Harriet.   They are planning to be married Saturday, Dec.3rd, 2011 this year at Lubumba Community Church at the EWCV property.   They would like to have all the children (72) of the three families attend the wedding as well as having boys and girls as […]

Newsletter from EWCV Uganda August 2011

  The children and staff of EWCV send greetings and thanks for your continued interest and prayers for this project.  Most of you in the northern hemisphere are in the midst of your summer months enjoying the summer sunshine with holidays.   Here in Uganda we are nearing the end of the dry season which seems […]

June 2nd Newsletter Update

Hi,   Our email address was hacked recently because we hadn’t been changing our password frequently.    The hacker also retrieved money from Western Union with some information he obtained in an email and used a forged ID.    Please don’t send any money through Western Union to us in the future.   Also, would you please contact us […]

April 24 Easter Greetings

Easter Greetings from Eagles Wings Children’s Village of Uganda, Ja Ja Ann and I are presently in Athens, Greece, having come here April 13th from Uganda.   We will be spending over a month here until May 24th when we return to Uganda in time to attend our friend Robina’s daughter Justine’s introduction and wedding […]

Newsletter for EWCV Uganda March 2011

Newsletter for EWCV Uganda March, 2011   Recent Visitors from United States and Canada   What a wonderful experience we had hosting a team of ten engineers along with a videographer for nine days.   Yes, it was a hectic time, but we enjoyed every minute they were with us.   They were a professional team put […]

Christmas Newsletter 2010

CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER EWCV UGANDA 2010 BACK IN UGANDA After having been away from Uganda from July to October, we have now been back at our home in Uganda for a month.   There have been many challenges since returning, but with God in charge everything is possible.  Our arrival was marked by some wonderful celebrations by […]

Newsletter – September 2010

Newsletter for EWCV Uganda September 2010 Success Story of Annet Nabatanzi Our Social Worker, Allan Kisakye, came to us in the EWCV office one day to share with us and to make an appeal for a young lady and her three siblings.   Annet Nabatanzi , he said, was the eldest of four children of […]

Newsletter – June, 2010

  JUNE 2010 NEWSLETTER FOR EAGLES WINGS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE UGANDA   Elisha’s Success Story   Elisha Kayanja came into our lives in the middle of January 2010.   He was brought to our church at the property by Mary, a lady who the father had entrusted the boy into her care with the promise that he […]

Newsletter – April, 2010

EASTER NEWSLETTER “Springtime is God’s way of smiling.” From the reports which we receive from back home in Manitoba, Canada, we understand that in many areas the snow has melted, and the Red River is flowing quickly and bulging with ice coming from North Dacota in the USA.   People are thinking about planting seeds for […]

Newsletter – February, 2010

THE SUCCESS STORY OF SUSAN NALULE submitted by Social Worker, Allan Kisakye, EWCV A girl who spices up Eagles Wings’ official functions the most through her wonderful voice and creative dancing is none other than Susan Nalule. Susan is a thirteen year old, cheerful, and creative girl who wears a smile always on her face. […]

Christmas Newsletter 2009

The children and staff of EWCV send you our best wishes for this Christmas and New Year Season.  As we reflect on our past year, we realize how God has blessed our family at EWCV here in Uganda as well as in Canada and abroad.  We are especially thankful for all of you who have […]

Newsletter – September, 2009

Greetings After a Long Absence The children and staff of Eagles Wings Children’s Village send you greetings since our last newsletter in March 2009.   Ja Ja’s Bill & Ann Peckham were absent from Uganda since April 1st until August 23rd when we returned.    We spent the five months traveling to Greece , Aberdeen , Scotland […]

Newsletter – March, 2009

Good News from EWCV in Uganda After a lengthy delay in receiving a decision from the High Voltage Transmission Line Company in Uganda , they have given us today the good news that we should go ahead with the building of our new primary school on the property.  This news is truly an answer to […]

Newsletter – November, 2008

We have delayed in getting out another newsletter for various reasons including health issues, a car accident, and volunteers and visitors coming and going.  It has been a hectic number of months, but here we are with another newsletter as the end of the year is near at hand.  We send you warm greetings from […]

Newsletter – June, 2008

Beth Pipe Nursery & Primary School Second School Term Began May 26th On February 7th,  2008,  the first classes for our new school began for the first term.   The temporary school structure was completed just on time for school to begin with a great team of Manitoban volunteers who had helped with the construction.  We […]

Easter Newsletter, 2008

“He Is Risen.  He Is Risen Indeed!” Today is the beginning of March and you folks back home in Canada will be hoping for spring to be around the corner as well as the hope that is found in Easter later this month. Here in Uganda we continue with the same pattern of twelve hours […]

Christmas Newsletter, 2007

It has been great having friends and family members, from far and wide, share with us the important events that occurred in their lives during the past year.  A big thank you for the e-mails, cards, and letters we have received during the last few weeks.   Once again, if anyone has any free calendars to […]

Newsletter – November, 2007

Greetings from EWCV Staff and Children in Uganda. The months have been passing by quickly and we are aware of winter taking over back home in the prairies of Canada.  We don’t forget the harsh winter conditions as we were reminded last February 2007 when we arrived at the Winnipeg Airport on the coldest day […]

Celebration Time

Greetings from Soweto, Masaka, Uganda.   Ann is busy in the kitchen baking four cakes for staff members’ and children’s birthdays.  We will celebrate tomorrow after Children’s Church at our two locations.   We will have one service in the morning at 10 am at the property at Lubumba Village and then the second service here in […]

Newsletter – May, 2007

Our Original Arrival in Winnipeg in February 2007 We had arrived in Winnipeg on February 6th which was the coldest day during this past winter with the temperature at minus 45 degrees celcius with the wind chill.   Our son, Mike, and daughter Linda were there to greet us with warm coats.    We went directly to […]

Newsletter – January, 2007

Christmas Day at Eagles Wings Children’s Village with Family #1. This first month into the new year 2007 is going by quickly, but we indeed send greetings from Eagles Wings Children’s Village in Masaka , Uganda . We are so thankful for the many blessings for EWCV during 2006.   It was a wonderful Christmas seeing […]

Merry Christmas from Eagles Wings Children’s Village in Uganda , 2006

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!   Luke 2:14 Final day of school for the school year We were so thrilled with the special program which was presented by the children to our staff and some special guests in the Dining Hut at the EWCV property last week.   […]

Newsletter – November, 2006

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and many blessings during the New Year. It is hard for us to imagine that it will be soon be Christmas Day and we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Savior, and Ann’s birthday too! Everything here is so green, with the abundance of […]

Newsletter – September, 2006

Eagles Wings Children’s Village Inc. Uganda Greetings once again from Masaka, Uganda.  We are keeping well and busier than ever.  It was wonderful to receive many reports telling us about the tremendous success of the Gilbert Plains Homecoming.  Well done, G.P!  We are subscribing, through the Internet, to weekly copies of the “Exponent” newspaper which […]

Newsletter – Summer, 2006

A Canadian Registered Charitable Organization Greetings from the Masaka site of Eagles Wings Children’s Village Incorporated in Uganda!  Our last newsletter was completed after the beginning of the spring season in North America.  We are now into the summer season back in N.A. and it is summer holidays back home in Canada.  Here in Uganda, […]

Newsletter – April, 2006

Spring Greetings and Happy Easter from the Masaka site of Eagles Wings Children’s Village Incorporated in Uganda! We understand that the geese are flying north – back into Canada – these days, that the snow is melting, and that the prairie crocuses will soon be blooming. Isn’t that great! We have noticed changes here in […]

Newsletter – February, 2006

The past month has been a time of watching God at work as many key pieces have come together in the development of the Eagles Wings Children’s Village project. Some of the highlights for which we praise the Lord are: Eagles Wings Children’s Village has received their Charitable Organization Number. The Canadian office is able […]

Christmas Newsletter #2, 2005

We have been receiving requests for another update on our progress, events taking place, as well as including some digital pictures. This past week has been hectic with construction beginning on the site of “Eagles Wings Children’s Village” plus with the hiring and start of our new Social Worker, Allan Kisajje on December 1st. Three […]

Christmas Newsletter #1, 2005

Ann and I send you our best wishes for this upcoming Christmas Season and New Year of 2006. Once again, we are away from our family and friends at a time when families usually come together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May He continue to be the reason for […]

Newsletter – Fall, 2005

We have now passed the Fall Equinox when the geese and ducks fly south, the leaves on the trees turn color, daylight is shorter, and the evenings reach the frost level. Ann has been busy sorting through mountains of items in our home. We have now made the move from our home in Gilbert Plains […]

Newsletter – Summer, 2005

It seems like only yesterday that I was working on our Spring Newsletter when the snow was melting, the birds were returning from the south, and the buds were beginning to reappear on the trees. Now we have passed the Summer Solstice of June 22nd, the longest day of the year, and the days are […]

Newsletter – Spring, 2005

We are into the Easter Weekend here in Gilbert Plains, and it’s time to send you our best wishes and greetings as we celebrate the joy that Easter brings with Christ’s Resurrection. Spring Equinox took place last Sunday so we are now receiving longer daylight hours. Our ground is still covered with snow, but the […]

Newsletter – December 2004

Dear Family/Friends, Greetings to you in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matth.5:16 While we are many miles apart from some of you during this Christmas season, you are often thought about. We […]

Newsletter – Last Quarter, 2003

This week we have got a sponsor for both boys. A young man from Denmark is already sponsoring eleven orphaned children and will be sponsoring both these boys as well. However, we will be required to keep them until the end of January perhaps. Tomorrow we have another young boy, Nicholas, who is being brought […]

Newsletter – October, 2003

Dear Family/Friends, Greetings from Uganda! Dad/Grandpa/Bill here. Many things have been happening since our last newsletter. We will attempt to share with you some of the special events. The electricity continues to go out practically every day here at Kako Hill. We are using many candles and our kerosene lantern is getting good use. At […]

Newsletter – August, 2003

Dear Family/Friends, Greetings from Kako Hill in Uganda! Great News!!! Many of you already know that we are now hooked up to the Internet at our home in Uganda. During the last couple of weeks our computer was down frequently due to electricity outages and we had to have our friend do some reinstalling because […]

Newsletter – April 8, 2003

Dear Family/Friends, Easter Greetings in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. His has risen indeed! What incredible hope He has given us for tomorrow. (Luke 24: 1-8) Once again, we wish to thank many of you for your encouraging letters, emails, phone calls, prayer support, and gifts. We have had difficulties accessing the […]

Newsletters for 2002

Newsletter – 2002 We arrived safely and are staying presently with Bishop Samuel Kamya and his lovely wife Robinah and their family at Kako which is about 6 miles before Masaka town. Christopher Muwonge and his wife Harriet met us at Entebbe Airport Saturday morning. We were driven to the Bishop’s residence which is about […]