April 24 Easter Greetings

Easter Greetings from Eagles Wings Children’s Village of Uganda,

Ja Ja Ann and I are presently in Athens, Greece, having come here April 13th from Uganda.   We will be spending over a month here until May 24th when we return to Uganda in time to attend our friend Robina’s daughter Justine’s introduction and wedding in Kampala.  We had hoped to bring our little Elisha with us as well as our Social Worker, Allan Kisakye, but we couldn’t get their VISA’s in time.   Allan is still working on his VISA to join us and will find out for sure this coming week on the 27th if he can come.   They have kept him running back and forth, but now it looks promising so he says.  Another letter of invitation stamped by the Greek Police was faxed to him at the French Embassy in Kampala yesterday morning.  We would like to have him speak at some churches in Athens and in northern Greece, if possible, on behalf of EWCV.   

Before we left Uganda, we were delighted to have Mary Lee from Perth, Ontario come for a short visit with her granddaughter, Amanda Wray, of Winnipeg, Manitoba.   They had traveled to Tanzania where they spent a month visiting with friends along with her seven year old grandson and son-in-law.  When we received the email from Amanda asking if they could come and stay with us, we were so excited to receive them.  We sent Rev. Christopher and Harriet to Kampala to greet them and to bring them home to Masaka.  This was Amanda’s first trip to Africa and she has stayed to volunteer at EWCV until May 18th.  We hope that she will enjoy her stay.  They were greeted royally at the property of EWCV at the new Primary School and then later at our home in Masaka Town by the children of Family #3.  Mary was able to introduce many of her friends to Amanda from the days when Mary and her husband, Bishop Patrick Lee, had lived in Kako, Masaka, for six years from 1984 to1990.   Mary returned to Canada a few hours after we flew out of Uganda. 

We came to Greece primarily to attend the Family Conference put on at the seaside by Hellenic Ministries as well as to share about EWCV wherever we are invited.   We attended the conference from April 15th to the 20th this week and enjoyed every minute.   It was wonderful to be with our HM family once again, many of whom we worked with for two years when we lived in Athens.   We were able to make new friends and contacts with people from countries like Holland, Sweden, USA, etc.  Tomorrow morning our friends, Paul and Dina Pavlides, are picking us up for church and then we will spend the Easter day with them at their home.   We are staying close by them at our friend’s house.   They are living in Boston, USA, and said that we are welcome to use their beautiful home.   Many thanks, Greg and Nellie.   We are blessed.   Our friend, Joan Vautour is returning from Ottawa, Canada on the 28th with a friend and they will be staying here with us.  Good Lord willing, Allan will join us from Uganda on the 29th.    

Ann and I are leaving early on Monday morning on a high speed boat from the port of Pyreas for three nights stay on the island of Santorini.    We are treating ourselves to this trip as our anniversary gift for the past five years.   We have been told by so many people how beautiful the island is and so we decided to enjoy it for ourselves.  We will arrive back late afternoon on Thursday in Athens after Joan has arrived from Canada.   

Reports from EWCV Uganda are saying that everyone is fine.   Tomorrow on Easter morning, it is arranged for Family #3 children and staff to be driven in a Coaster Van to the EWCV property 25 miles away from Masaka to attend the morning church service with Families 1 and 2 as well as with the children from Lubumba community.   Afterwards, the  children will enjoy their Easter meal with the other children.   Family 3 children will also be able to see their new dining hut being built from the fund raising support given by the church in Germany.  The children are all on their break from school for one month until the second term begins in May.   Our little Elisha is in the good hands of Rev. Christopher and Harriet during our absense.    

If anyone needs to contact us by phone here in Greece until May 24th, you can reach us at:   +30-697-232-7210.    We are also connected with the internet through Cosmote Wireless so can receive emails anytime.   Technology is wonderful!    REMINDER  OUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS:     bapeckham@nullgmail.com       Website:   www.eagleswingschildrensvillage.com    We invite you to visit our photo gallery on the website.  

May we all be reminded this Easter of the love shown to us through the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.    The good news is that He has risen and not in the tomb.   What hope He has given us for the days ahead!   Happy Easter greetings from Uganda and Greece.