Christmas Newsletter 2010



After having been away from Uganda from July to October, we have now been back at our home in Uganda for a month.   There have been many challenges since returning, but with God in charge everything is possible.  Our arrival was marked by some wonderful celebrations by the staff and children.   It was quite overwhelming.

We need to be so thankful to people who provided for our International airline tickets as well as the flights within the USA.   Not only that, we were provided with a very fine car in Winnipeg to use for the entire time we were in the Prairies.  We put on so many miles driving in Manitoba as well as Saskatchewan.  Everywhere we went. God made provisions for accommodations which even included a fifth wheel camper unit for us to use during our stay at the Gilbert Plains camp grounds.   We send our appreciation to so many people who in one way or another provided for our every need.   Every Sunday we were able to share EWCV at churches and during the week with many contacts.  The local Exponent Newspaper included an update on EWCV for people in the Parkland Region. While in Moose Jaw, SK, we were able to attend the wedding of our nephew’s son plus enjoy the fellowship with family.   Every minute spent with family in Canada was so valuable to us.  Our camera provided many happy memories for us to bring back to Uganda, even fishing on the Red River with our daughter, Linda, and her husband, Ken.


We had written in our last newsletter in September a write-up regarding our young paraplegic friend, Kizza, who had nine children living in his home in the village.  Kizza had spent some months in hospital here in Masaka before being sent to the hospital in Kampala for the treatment of bedsores.  Then he appealed to the doctors and our Social Worker, Allan, that he be released from hospital to return home to his children in the village.  His bed sores were not healing.   He was released from hospital and taken home.   He spent a week with his children before being transferred to the Kalungi Clinic where he died Wednesday morning, October 27th.  We made all the arrangements for the funeral which was held the next day and he was buried next to his home.

We have made arrangements for his children to have two of their aunties live with them in their home to look after them.  Three friends have agreed to sponsor eight of the children and we have one girl, Pheona, left for sponsorship at $40 per month.  If you are interested, please let us know.   Kizza’s wife left him three years ago and he had the burden of looking after all these children but it was his eldest two boys, Dennis and Geoffrey who looked after everyone including the father.   Kizza died knowing that his children would be taken care of.   Our American friends, George and Michael, were able to visit him and pray with him a few days before he died.

We are going to have some repairs done to his house and will be providing bunk beds for all the children plus bedding and mosquito nets.   Medical care, clothing, food, and education will all be provided for all nine children.  We praise God for the sponsors who have agreed to take on eight of the children.   What a wonderful Christmas gift for them.  This is all a part of our Extension Program at EWCV to reach out to the community around us.   These children attend our school & children’s’ church services each Sunday.  They will each receive a Christmas Gift bag three days before Christmas along with the other village children who attend our school as day-scholars.


A big thrill for us upon returning to Uganda was to find a very fine playground structure in place in front of Beth Pipe Nursery & Primary School.  It was a joy to witness the children playing all over the equipment.  Our thanks, once again, to “Kids Around the World” who made the donation and came to assemble the structure.

We have been able to receive around 99 sponsors for the nearly 180 students of the school.   This enables us to feed all the children two meals per day from the money coming in from sponsors, but we still need sponsorship for another 85 children.   Every child is fed in this program whether sponsored or not.   These children were chosen from the neediest of children from Lubumba Village.  We also provide medical testing and treatment for every sponsored child as well as shoes, socks, and uniforms.  Now they will all need new shoes and uniforms for the next school year starting in February 2011.    Please pray for more sponsors for the remainder of the children.

Right now the children are nearly finished writing their final exams for their school year which ends the first week in December.   Then they will have a two month break from school before starting the next school year beginning of February 2011.   The present Grade Six students will be candidates for writing the Ugandan Government’s Primary Seven (Grade 7) National Leaving Exams next November 2011.  Those exams will be written in English.  They will be the first students of Beth Pipe School who will write these important exams.  We are hoping to be able to provide facilities by 2012 to start a Senior One classroom which will require us to hire several senior secondary teachers.   Perhaps some of you would like to come to teach as volunteers in two years time at that level.   It would be equivalent to teaching at the Grade Eight level in Canada or the USA.   We will need to begin building a classroom each year until we can accommodate up to Senior Six or “A” Level schooling.  Our Primary School is licensed right now, but we are going to try to get the school registered by next school year in February 2011.

If you are sponsoring a child with EWCV, you should be receiving a report card as well as a copy of the hand written letter from your child through our secretary, Agnes Mawanda, before Christmas.   The children are now in the process of writing letters to their sponsors.   If you don’t receive these items, please email Agnes:


Many of you have been enquiring about the progress of our agriculture department.   Our Farm Manager, Anatoli, and his Assistant, Ronald, have been busy trying to move forward with “Farming God’s Way”.   People who have visited their farm have been amazed by the excellent crops which are coming up using God’s Blanket (mulching) to conserve moisture.  They are also following faithfully the instructions given to them by the training team in Kampala with regards to preparing the land without plowing this small area, planting with specific measurements, and harvesting a bountiful crop (we are anticipating this). They have started their practice with a small area and will increase it each six months when the rainy season begins.   They will use less and less plowing.  This will likely become a model farm for visitors to see wonderful results, good Lord willing.

Ronald has been focusing his efforts in horticulture with the growing of tomatoes, cabbages, egg plants, pumpkins, lettuce, and spinach.  However, due to a lack of rain during this rainy season, many of the plants did not germinate properly.  The workers are developing a cistern on the edge of the hill which will collect rain water which comes across the property and channels towards a certain area.  When we have this cistern dug, we are hoping that we will be able to collect some good amount of water to be used for irrigation of the horticultural crops and also to provide for our cow.   December to March should be a dry season and then three more months of rainy season.

With the area which has been plowed, they planted maize corn and beans.   However, the yield will not be as good as the small area planted using God’s Blanket.  You can find “Farming God’s Way” on the internet, by the way.

We are also looking at the possibility of building a corral for six cows near the school so we can also include a digester tank to collect urine and manure to produce biogas for being piped to a new school kitchen where there will be special stoves for using biogas.   We still await funds to move ahead with this project which includes purchasing five more cows and building the kitchen/storage room.


We were blessed to have five volunteers from the USA with us recently.   They stayed at our hospitality centre having Rev. Christopher and Harriet as hosts.   Two came from Houston, Texas, two from Alaska, and one from Hawaii.   The three ladies, Rachael, Aspen, and Daneille, ran a Vacation Bible School program with our children in town and also at the property.   The children enjoyed this program immensely.   The two men, George Grinestaff from Houston, and Dr. Michael Kaminski from Alaska, worked at the property each day testing for water.   Michael is a physicist who developed a method of detecting water sources underground.   George is an Engineer with a Norwegian Oil Company in Texas.   He is also a specialist in water wells along with water treatment and collection.   They managed to find another better source of water nearby the Family #2 site on the EWCV property.  Now we just need to wait for funding somehow to drill this second well.   We have had a water crisis so often as the present well dried up during the dry season.  The town’s water line has also been very unreliable with their own problems.

The Chairman of the Canadian Board of EWCV, Dale Myhre, along with his wife, Sharon, and their ten year old boy, Aaron, arrived at Entebbe Airport to begin a stay of one month in Uganda.   They were picked up and driven to the Namirembe Guest House in Kampala for an overnight stay.  The next morning they were brought  to our home in Masaka.   We were waiting to greet them.  They are staying at the hospitality centre with Rev. Christopher and Harriet.

Dale will be able to have an overview of the progress of EWCV to give feedback to the Canadian Board when they return to Canada along with feedback for some of our many sponsors.  Our two farm managers have been meeting with Dale as his specialty is in agriculture.   This week the two of them attended a workshop in Kampala with Dale on “Farming God’s Way”.   Unfortunately, both Dale and Sharon have had colds which have required that they get some extra rest. Sharon has developed malaria. She went to the doctor’s for testing and treatment so is now on the mend.  Please pray for their health.   On Tuesday they received a warm welcoming by the school children and staff with a special four hour program of singing, dancing, etc.  They were able to spend some time meeting their sponsored child.

In February 2011 we are expecting a team of Engineers (EMI) to come from Canada/USA to help us with planning our way forward with our project of EWCV.   Included in the team will be Jaimee Schmidt of Brandon, MB., who is a Civil Engineer sponsoring two of our children.  Jaimee originally grew up in the Dauphin area of MB and attended our home church, Parkside Gospel Church.  We are hoping that Jaimee will stay for some time after her team departs in February.


We have also had people asking us how things are progressing for Dr. Haris and Maria Macris and their four children to come to Uganda.   They left Toronto to drive back to Dearborn, Michigan, where they sold their house recently.  They have been making new contacts in Toronto to raise their support to come to Uganda.  Our friend, Sophia Syrros, of Toronto has been instrumental in them meeting new people who are also friends of EWCV.  In Michigan they will meet with friends once again to share their vision.  The Macris family will return to Chicago to prepare for another trip which will take them to Boston, MA and then south to Florida to continue with their deputation.  We continue to pray for their safety as they travel.   Perhaps they will join us in Uganda somewhere around April 2011.  We were able to meet with them in Winnipeg as they were driving back to their home after touring the northern US and southwestern Canada.   They were able to meet with some of the Canadian Board Members at the home of Harry and Francie Humby where they enjoyed some wonderful hospitality.  This was our first time to meet with Maria and their four children.

Christmas Feeding Program

With the weather here in Uganda being the same all year long despite the changing rainy/dry seasons every three months, there is no hint of Christmas being around the corner. There has not been any hint of snow.  Not likely here at the equator, eh?    However, we know that the Christmas programs will catch up to us quickly.   We have already had some nice donations to nearly cover the Christmas Feeding Program for the community children as well as for our own children of Families 1, 2, & 3 and church members.  For those of you who made donations to this program, we extend our hearty thanks for your generosity.  Others have made donations towards a new school kitchen.   These are great Christmas gifts for the children of EWCV.   Most of the children of Families 1, 2, and 3 will likely be going for a visit with their former guardians from the end of December to the beginning of February when the new school year begins.   We will have all these children with us during Christmas.  Community children will receive their Christmas Gift Bags three days before Christmas to take home so their family will have some food for Christmas.  We send our Christmas greetings to you and yours from all the staff and children of EWCV along with our thanks for your continued support and prayers.


Condolences to the families of:

1)   The Rt. Rev. Patrick Lee, former Bishop of Rupertsland in southern Manitoba, Canada, who

passed away in Perth, Ontario, September 26th.

2)   Thomas Cosmades who died in Germany September 20th.

3)   Gladys Stoney who died November 11th in Stonewall, MB.

4)   Gwen Demerais who died October 29th in Dauphin, MB.

5)   Nettie Schulz, died November 5th in Killarney, MB (Peter Schulz’s mom).

6)   Pat Agar. Died November 2010, Brandon, Service Monday, November 22 in Brandon, burial in Gilbert Plains

Tuesday November 23,

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