Eagles Wings Children’s Village July 2012 Newsletter

Family #3 Construction and Benefit Concert

 A Benefit Concert was recently held in Gretna, Manitoba, Canada to raise money for continuing construction for Family #3.   Nearly $8,000 was raised at this concert which saw guitarist Phil Keaggy perform to nearly 350 people.   Four of our Canadian Board Members and their families were in attendance.  Those who reported to us about the concert stated that the music was amazing whereby Phil’s talent was indeed that of an internationally acclaimed musician.  He won the hearts of everyone.  Well done to those who organized the event which was the vision of Marilyn Dyck, wife of Board Member, Walter Dyck.  


The money from this concert is allowing us to go ahead with the building of a girls’ hut for Family #3.  The first boys’ hut is nearing completion.  The two ECO SAN toilets were completed along with the Dining Hut earlier.   Now there will be two more huts to be built along with the Parent’s House and Kitchen/Storage as the Lord provides.

We are now in the planning stages of moving Family #3 children and staff to live in the two dormitory huts and dining hut as we wait for funding to complete the remainder of the buildings.   The children sleep on bunk beds so we can put six bunk beds in each of the two huts.   When two more huts are constructed in the future there will be 6 children per hut.  The House Parents will live in the Dining Hut until their house is built.  I’m told that this will work fine as a temporary measure.

The family will be moved from our home in Masaka mid-August during the semester break that begins August 3rd.  The two new childrens’ huts should be completed this month of July.  Then the family will have the time to settle into their new home before the children return to school on September 3rd.  Then they will enter the new primary school at the property for the third and last term of the school year that ends November 30th before the two month Christmas break.    Classrooms 4 Africa (C4A)

      Classrooms 4 Africa (C4A)

The two classrooms being built for the new Senior High School have now had the blue iron sheeted roof completed.  They are ready to begin working on the plastering inside and outside plus all the finishing required along with painting inside and outside.   This new structure will also most likely be completed by the end of July ready for use.   These two rooms will serve as classrooms for next school year for the new senior two students.  We will continue using the older renovated building with five rooms until the full High School “O Level” has been completed to include about ten rooms.

  • Thank you to all of you who made donations and supported the benefit concert for family #3.
  • Thank you also to Joan Davidson and Kurt Petersen who have returned to Canada after their long terms of volunteering here at EWCV. They have both made a huge impact on the children and staff.  Well done both of you!
  • A new hand pump has replaced the stolen solar pump and solar panel.  Fresh water is available once again from the well.
  • Congratulations and love to Lorna Best of Victoria, B.C. in Canada who turns 109 on July 4th.   She is the eldest donor of EWCV.
  • Bill & Ann Peckham celebrate their 35th anniversary July 2nd.   Ann will celebrate her 70th birthday this year December 25th.

Macris Family Update:

It is hard to believe that we arrived almost 6 months ago!  Although our initial time of transition has now passed, we are still learning, growing and being stretched.

Life here is a mixture of fulfilling experiences and daily frustrations.  We have quickly become aware of the problems and challenges facing fellow missionaries, while at the same time tasting the sweetness of the Lord’s presence and provision.

We are so utterly blessed and realize that His goodness to us is not an end unto itself, but rather a gift that should overflow to bless others.

Since our arrival in early January, we have brought over our container and cleared customs, set up our lovely home, re-launched home-schooling for the kids, hired and fired house-help, purchased and titled our vehicles, and invested many a trip to Kampala to obtain our resident visas and medical license.

In terms of ministry, we have been involved in the church plant at EWCV, including my preaching there a couple times.  Maria and the kids recently ran some Bible memory clubs with Kurt Petersen for the children of family three.  In addition, Maria helped Joan Vautour teach a sewing class to some of the older girls from family three.  I have interviewed two candidate nurses and spent time planning for our medical work.  Now we are looking forward to putting up a simple one-room structure at Eagles Wings property out of which to begin regular clinic work.

New Address for Canadian Head Office in Winnipeg, MB.