EWCV Newsletter – March 2013

Progress Report for Ann

Ann is doing well and has been undergoing preparations to begin radiation treatment this coming Monday, March 11th. She will have two hour treatment sessions Mondays to Fridays at noon each day, Monday to Friday with chemo treatments on Wednesdays only. Many people have been phoning/emailing asking about her progress with the treatments so it is time to update everyone.  We appreciate your continued prayers. This has been the best support. We have received encouraging emails/ phone calls from ladies who have gone through Ann’s situation with cervical cancer and this has encouraged us tremendously. Thank you.

Our New Address

We have moved from our friend’s lovely home where we spent most of February house sitting for them and then moved into our own apartment in downtown Winnipeg February 28th. During February we were also able to use sister, Vicki, and husband, Jack’s car while they were away on a cruise through the Panama Canal. We are now renting a fully furnished one bedroom apartment which has everything we need and more. It is truly a blessing and we will be here until we leave for Uganda.

The first two months of our stay in Canada was with our daughter and family who treated us so well. They always made arrangements for us to have a vehicle available when needed. Now we are using our granddaughter, Amanda’s car again until we leave. Wow, God is so good! We were truly blessed with the time we had with our family especially at Christmas because we have missed over ten years of being with family during those special times. Our new Canadian mailing address until we return to Uganda in July, good Lord willing, is:

Bill & Ann Peckham
#734-85 Garry Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C  4J5


             The phone number here: 1-204-949-1010 Extension 260
Our cell phone number:  1-204-451-4390.

  Please check our website for EWCV:



Many of you have been asking and wondering about our little four year old, Elisha. He is now getting over a cold and doing fine. The Macris family have taken him into their family and shower him with love. What a blessing! Also, our friend, Joan Vautour, who lives near our place has looked after Elisha when the Macris family is away or needs a break. Once again we appreciate this help so much as we didn’t know when we left Uganda that we would be away so long.

The Macris Family – by Constantine Macris

– Hello everyone,

A lot of things have happened since the last Macris Kid’s Update. Around Christmas time, there were a lot of events going on at the orphanage property. Three days before Christmas, we went up and helped with the packing of the Christmas bags. These bags are what each orphan and school child takes with them when they go home for the holidays. Each bag has sugar, flour, a few reading books, a toothbrush and toothpaste,

candy, a Gospel of John, a pencil with a small drum on the end, cooking oil, soap, and a loaf of bread. The Sunday before Christmas we attended a big celebration in addition to the normal Sunday service (which is usually 3-3 1/2 hours long). The day after, we went to the property to pass out the Christmas gift bags to all the orphans and school children. Christmas day was a bit calmer (we had found a Christmas tree and lights in the capital the week before); we stayed at home and relaxed a bit. Overall, most of Christmas week was quite busy:).

Probably our most recent news is that we were able to go to Queen Elizabeth National Park for the first time! We went with some missionary friends of ours and our short-term volunteer, Jonathan Michalski. Our friends were so helpful and organized the entire trip for us! We woke up before the crack of dawn for 2 days, so we were tired by the end of it, but it was definitely worth the time! :) We drove through the game park on the first day, where we were able to see elephants, lions, lots of birds, different kinds of monkeys, water bucks, and kobs (species of antelope). The same day we went on a boat trip and saw warthogs, a few crocodiles (from a distance), African buffalo, and tons of hippos–some of the animals were up close!

Another exciting thing is that Dad’s contractor, Stephen, is close to completing the building of a one-room clinic on the orphanage property. Jonathan Michalski has been going almost everyday to help with the building–he’s definitely made the process go quicker!

Right now our family has started a Bible Memory Club (similar to AWANA) with the 72 orphans every Tuesday after school. The clubs include a Bible lesson, music, Bible verse memory time, and outside games. I hope this update gives you an idea of what is going on here in Uganda. That’s all for now.

Genesis 2:19

“Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature that was its name.”

It is very encouraging to see this progress of the new clinic going up at the property as well as the work Dr. Haris has been doing with taking care of the children and staff of EWCV medically. This family is able to impact the children of EWCV both physically as well as spiritually.


EWCV has been blessed once again to have our friends, Joan Vautour as well as Kurt Petersen and Jaimee Schmidt assisting wherever needed. They have been a great support and encouragement for our staff in the office who have been in charge since we left. Joan and Kurt are there long term while Jaimee has made her third trip to EWCV from Canada for two weeks with our project.

House Fire

No, our house did not burn down, but suffered fire in the accounting office only. The police inspectors are presently involved looking into the situation with it looking like arson being the cause. We have received photos from Kurt of the damage with some money missing and most of the furniture/office computer destroyed along with most of the office records and flies. At this point the room has been cleaned out quickly and repainted so is nearly ready to be used again. We are so thankful that it was contained in one room of the house and that nobody was hurt.

Family #3 Housing

We are thankful for the possibility of a church in Manitoba making a donation towards the construction of the boys’ dormitory hut for family #3. A relative in Australia is also sending $1000 to EWCV in memory of her mother, Joyce Bastow who recently died. This money will possibly go towards the start of constructing the foundation of the second girls’ hut for family #3. The total cost is $9,500 per hut so this money will give us a start until we have $8,500 more to complete the girls’ hut. Then that will remain for constructing a kitchen and parent’s house to complete family #3 housing. We appreciated $1000 received recently in memory of Lois Davidson of Ottawa.

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