EWCV March Newsletter 2014

Newsletter Spring (March 2014) for EWCV Uganda

Greetings from Uganda

The staff and children of EWCV send you greetings from Uganda.   We have been receiving reports from family and friends back in the Prairies of Canada telling us about the terrible winter months which have been the worst since 1976 we are told.   Yesterday the temperature was minus fifty degrees Celcius with the wind chill.   Wow!  We truly are thankful here at EWCV for the best climate in the world.  Yes, it has been hot this past week, but only to about 80 degrees F. or 28 degrees Celcius.   Along with a nice breeze, if you are sitting in the shade, it makes it quite pleasant.


The programs at EWCV these past few months have been hectic so we apologize for the delay in sending out news.   Thankfully, some of our new pictures have found their way into our picture gallery on the website.   However, we have many more pictures to go through to add.    The Christmas programs went well with several special Christmas meals feeding many mouths.   The Gift Bag program was a huge success thanks to a team under the leadership of our new Social Worker, Peter, and Edith Namara who saw that over 400 bags were distributed to many children as well as to some elderly people who live alone and find it hard coping.    We are so thankful to those of you who helped to make these programs a success through your most generous donations.   We were able to purchase the items needed in bulk before the Christmas prices rose.   Thank you team.  Christina and Evanthia Macris assisted with the distribution. The food provided in the bags was meant for the most needy families to have something to share as a family on Christmas Day at least.

The children had their former guardians come on December 28th to take them home for a month’s visit.   Most of the children were able to go.   Remember, the children have two months holidays during December and January each year.   They have one month at their former home returning in time for the new school year to begin at the first week in February.    Most of the staff take a month’s holiday at the end of December, so that leaves us  short staffed in the office with many tasks to cover to fill the gap.


School Classrooms

Three new teachers were hired for Eagles Wings High School as a new class of Senior Three students was added to the list.  The former HS staff remained stable. Apollo Kiryowa is the Head Master of the HS. There was some turnover at the primary school level so two new teachers were hired to replace those who left. Elsie Kamya has been designated as the new Head Mistress of the Primary School and she has been a teacher for many years with us. We appreciate the fine leadership provided in both schools. Our students at the Primary Seven level made us proud of their Primary Leaving exam results at the National level. Thirty out of thirty one students were able to move on to High School level Senior One. Our own Primary School was designated as a Sitting Centre for the PLE government exams held each year.  This year the P. 7 students were able to write at their home school.

Due to the generosity of two Manitoba farmers, we were able to build a new classroom at the new High School to make it now three rooms for Seniors One to Three. Next year we will need one more room at least for the Senior Four students as they move up another level. The students moved in last week for the new school year. In the future, we also need to build  two science labs, one for

Physics/Chemistry and one for Biology/ Agriculture.  The pictures show Dale Myhre visiting one of the new classrooms of Senior High School.   What a blessing his visit from Manitoba to EWCV was in so many ways, especially at a time when he had left his farm during extreme cold weather.

New School Kitchens

During the holidays we were blessed with the visit by one of our outstanding sponsors, Sophia Syrros, from Toronto, Canada.    She was with us for only a short while, but had a huge impact on the staff and children.

She had previously organized a fund raiser in Toronto where Steven Tsitsos, concert violinist formerly of Manitoba, performed a concert to raise money for a new kitchen for EWCV children.

With the money raised, we were able to build a temporary kitchen along with completing several water projects as there was a drought at the time along with a water crisis.   We have now completed the permanent primary kitchen (Yellow and White) to honor Sophia who cut the ribbon the first day the kitchen was completed.   The High School kitchen on the left was completed from money provided through DMG missions in Germany and individuals who had visited here several years ago with Karin Schutz, who works with Hellenic Ministries in Greece. This fine facility was constructed with our Maintenance Man, Paul Ssekenjako.    Thanks, Paul and workers, for a job well done.   Indeed, God provided.

Sophia cut the ribbon to officially open the new kitchen named “Sophia’s Kitchen.”  She also unveiled a plaque with her name on it.   Dale Myhre and Paul Ssekenjako were able to join Sophia with tasting the first plates of beans and porsho. Rachael and Sophia also inspected the new stoves where the first meals were prepared.

We thank the cooks Gaudencia , Sylvia, and Robert for their hard work.

Success Story for Joanita Nakanjako

Joanita Nakanjako is a jolly, cheerful and lovely eight year old girl.  Joanita was seven years old when she joined EWCV Sponsorship program.  She has both a mental and physical handicap.

Joanita is staying with her maternal grandmother where she was abandoned by her mother. Her father died some years back. This Grandmother takes care of seven other children on small substance farming. She is overwhelmed to meet all the needs of this family and found it impossible to send Joanita to a Special Needs School. She came with Joanita to our primary school to see about enrolling her in our school program which could not adequately meet her Educational needs.  She was not enrolled and the social workers, Allan and Edith were praying and thinking on how best to help Joanita, when Jana Nicole Charlo, a volunteer to EWCV decided to sponsor her.

Jana had visited us at Eagles Wings Children’s Village and was living out at the property with family one. She first saw and met Joanita  during a church service at the property (Lubumba Community Church) where Joanita would come for prayers from the community. Jana saw Joanita and was interested to help.  Jana and Edith  (Social Worker) found a very good Special Needs School attending to children of Joanita’s needs and abilities.

Joanita was very excited when she learned she was joining school and that is all she could talk about for days.

Before joining school, Joanita was very different.  She had a hard time dealing with anger, expressing herself and never followed instructions.  She used to bang her head on hard things (objects like a wall, floor or a tree) whenever she would get annoyed. Her hygiene and toilet habits were a challenge.

There is now a visible change and growth in her communication, hygiene, expression and relating with others. Her grandmother is overjoyed with the development and growth of Joanita.

She loves the Lord by singing for Him all day, making prayers most of the time. When our Social Worker, Uncle Peter, picked her from school for holidays, she sang all the way from school to her Grandmother’s home. Praising God has to be her joy as she sings and praises God and loves His people. Her grandmother says that Joanita greets her in the morning first thing and praises God for a new day whereas the other children in her family don’t do that. She says Joanita has developed so much in this area of expressing love and greetings. Now her Grandmother says she misses Joanita’s love and greetings whenever the child is at school. She helps with home activities like sweeping, washing utensils and helps and enjoys giving a hand whenever they are preparing meals at home especially peeling matooke (bananas).

She has learned many health habits like in the morning after greetings, the first thing on her mind is to wash her face and brush her teeth.  She has learned to put on her sandals all the time and keeps her nose clean.

Before Eagles Wings’ came in to help Joanita, she had no bedding, she used to sleep on a mat and cover together with another child on the same mat.  She now enjoys sleeping on a mattress, has bed sheets, blankets, and a net to protect her from mosquitoes. She is a very happy girl. She used to be dirty but now she is always clean.

Most important of all the developments and success we have seen as Eagles Wings’ Staff, we were surprised to observe her ability to learn and the kind of improved performance we see on Joanita’s report cards.  When we visit her at school to see how much she is doing and how much her memory has improved where she is now able to follow people’s instructions. Friends, this has so much humbled us and taught us that God loves us equally and has a plan for each of us. The Chairman of the Canadian Board of EWCV, Dale Myhre, had a great time playing with Joanita and other children at our church during his visit in January this year.

Note: In the village where Joanita lives there are many children who have a similar mental condition and other Special Needs challenges or illness and who have been neglected and abandoned by their own parents.  Some parents lock them in the house or near dogs or goats houses counting them a loss, curse, or shame for the family.  Now they are seeing the development with Joanita and remember what she used to be like and how she is now with improved behavior.  Those other children we see similar to Joanita were not meant to be useless, dirty and helpless as they are today. We are thankful to God for what He has been able to transform in the life of Joanita. Many of us are blessed seeing all those changes in her. Thanks be to God Almighty who never leaves us. We at Eagles Wings Children’s Village Staff are grateful for the sponsorship for this special needs child (Joanita Nakanjako).  We share this success story to give the glory to God Almighty.  Information was provided by our Social Workers Peter Byekwaso, and Edith Mugisha and is greatly appreciated.

Dale Myhre’s Third Visit to EWCV from

Description: ::Pictures:iPhoto Library:Originals:2014:Clinic, Farming God's Way, Church Dale Preaching:IMG_1436.JPGDale Myhre’s visit this year went by all too fast. He kept up a very busy schedule, meeting with many of our staff to chat with them and to find out how they are doing.   He was also able to spend some time with the child, Fatuma, who is sponsored by Dale and his wife, Sharon. Dale is respected here at EWCV for his humble ways and his wisdom and caring attitude.  He has come up with many observations that will be very helpful in guiding us in the future for improvement.

It just so happened that during his visit he was able to join in the two workshops held at the property of EWCV. The first one was “Farming God’s Way” which was run by our friend, Karl Buchholz, who came to share his expertise on farming in a style that includes God in the picture. Thanks, Karl and Arleen for your generosity.  Dale is also a farmer in Manitoba as well as a farming economic consultant for many Aboriginal farmers in the prairies of Canada.

Description: ::Pictures:iPhoto Library:Originals:2014:Jan 31, 2014:IMG_1363.JPGOn the left above is Dale speaking at church with Allan Kisakye translating.  On the right we have Karl Buchholz explaining an experiment about soils in agriculture with his assistant Stephen, during the FGW workshop.

We were also blessed to have with us four other visitors, Paul Kline, from Greece and Jaimee Schmidt from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Paul shared with us at the Staff Retreat and Jaimee spent as much time as she could with the children she sponsors. This was her fourth trip to EWCV and she is the youngest member of the Canadian Board of EWCV. What an encourager both Paul and Jaimee are to our staff and the work being done here. We hated to see them leave.   You will see Paul and Jaimee’s pictures below.

Description: ::Pictures:iPhoto Library:Modified:2014:Feb 8, 2014:IMG_1558.jpg Description: ::Pictures:iPhoto Library:Originals:2014:Feb 16, 2014:IMG_1794.JPG

Mack Fletcher came recently from Three Hills, Alberta with his son, Andrew, who joined us from Greece. This was their first visit to Uganda and EWCV. May they return soon for a longer stay.

Description: ::Pictures:iPhoto Library:Originals:2014:Clinic, Farming God's Way, Church Dale Preaching:IMG_1416.JPGDr. Haris Macris has hired a new nurse who  begins working on March 10th at the new clinic.  We congratulate him on the fine work of overseeing the construction of the new  facility. What a blessing this is to EWCV.  Wow!

Also, we thank him for his generosity and medical treatment for many of the children  and staff of EWCV. This is all an answer to prayer to provide better medical care for the children living at EWCV property as well as for the school children for both schools.  At left we have Dale Myhre and Paul Kline waiting for a tour of the new facility.   What a difference this facility will make in the lives of many people.  Praise God.

We give thanks and Praise:

  1. For all the visitors who came to encourage us and for their generosity.
  2. For many of you who pray for EWCV regularly – We truly need prayer warriors.
  3. For all the sponsors and donors.
  4. For Karl and Stephen’s leadership at the FGW workshop and for Ivan’s efforts in organizing it.
  5. For Ja Ja Ann’s good health reports.  She had her second set of cancer tests this week with good results. Praise God that she remains free of cancer.
  6. For Elisha’s settling in okay into a Primary School near our home where he can walk to each morning with the security guard.   Elisha is now in a Primary One class.

Please pray for:

  1. Friends in Canada struggling with illness, Chloe, Terry, and Celesta. For Alan Went in England recovering  from several operations. For all the families supporting them.
  2. The new planting season soon to be happening when the steady rains come for the rainy season .   We need to pray for abundant crops.
  3. Another well to help deal with the needs of water, especially during dry season.

You can find recent pictures taken by Uncle Allan Kisakye of the three families of EWCV in our photo gallery in the website www.eagleswingschildrensvillage.com   Please be good ambassadors for the children of EWCV and forward this email to others you think might be interested in reading our news.

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