EWCV Newsletter January 2013


                                                                            Update on Ann  
 Hi family/friends,

Well, today, I (Ann Peckham) found out at the doctor’s office the results of the earlier medical tests.   I asked our daughter, Linda (who is a nurse), to write out the technical part of what is happening.
It is Cervical Cancer,  Stage 1.
On January 31st , 10:00 am, surgery for a radical hysterectomy is planned as the cancer is on the cervix.  Now when the surgery is started,
they will quickly send off the lymph nodes close by and check them for disease.  IF the lymph nodes are “clean” Dr. Lotocki will proceed with surgery.
IF the lymph nodes are “not clean” they will not do the hysterectomy.    Instead they will close her up and treat with chemotherapy and radiation,
as this is a better treatment option in that case.
Please Pray:
1)   For the surgeon’s wisdom and to guide his hands in surgery
2)   That the lymph nodes will be clear and only surgery needed.
So, that’s my technical story.    Do I understand it?    Nope.   But as long as the Doctor knows and God is in charge, that is good enough for me.
January 2013 Newsletter to follow.
Love in Christ,   Bill & Ann

Christmas Gift Bag & Meals Program A Huge Success

The Christmas Gift Bag program as well as the meals provided during the Christmas season was a huge success thanks to many of you who provided the needed
 funds to cover all the expenses.    We praise God for His provisions through you as it made many, many children very happy along with their families who had a
Christmas meal provided for them for Christmas Day.    Thank you so much for your love and generosity.    We also need to thank the team of our staff who worked 
so hard for a couple of months with the planning and shopping and sorting out that needed to be done in preparation for these events.    If you would like to receive
any pictures of the gift bag program, please let us know at:   bapeckham@nullgmail.com   and we would email them to you.   We still haven’t received pictures from the
meals provided but once again, we would certainly email them to you when available from our staff.    
Sponsorship Program:   We also send our thanks to those of you who have provided support for the sponsorship program by sponsoring one or more students each month faithfully or those of you making donations.   You should be receiving your Income Tax Receipts by the end of February or as soon as possible.   We have one child whose sponsors are no longer able to continue sponsoring her at $40 per month, Joyce Nabukenya, who is aged 14 and going into Primary Seven level at the Primary School as a Day Student thus going back to her home in the community after school.   If you would like to continue with her sponsorship, please email us and we will arrange for our secretary/bookkeeper contact you and will send you more details about Joyce.    We also have over 100 children still needing sponsorship, but you can find them in the website link. 
Priority Needs right now:    1)    A Boys Hut and a Girls Hut for Family #3 at $9,500 each hut.   2)   Two new classrooms need to be built for the High School during 2013 to be ready by next year February 2014 as the students advance each year at $12,000 per classroom.   These buildings can be built as a donation if you wish to make it in memory of a loved one with a plaque placed on the wall of the building like we have already done in one case for the first two classrooms.   Construction can begin immediately when the money is provided.  
Blessings: 1) Safe travel from Uganda to Winnipeg.  We appreciated the special help between flights to guide us from one gate to the next.  It took the stress out of travel    
2)   Warm winter coats waiting for us at the airport in Winnipeg with some of our family upon arrival.
3)  Being able to attend our granddaughter’s Christmas Dance performance.
4)  Being able to spend Christmas with our family for the first time in about ten years. 
5)  Celebrating Ann’s 70th birthday at Swithenbanks’ farm with our family and friends present.   
5)  Ann being able to see the medical specialist and have tests done speedily.   Then her MRI appointment was moved up to two days after Christmas plus other tests.
6)  Now her operation is scheduled for the 31st of this month.   Once again quick service.   
7)  Prayers for Ann by many people from around the world.   
8)  We have been blessed by our family taking us into their home during our long stay.          
9)  Our little Ugandan boy, Elisha, has been taken care of by Dr. Macris’s family in their home along with Kisakye family also looking after him.
10)  We have left EWCV under the direction of a wonderful Ugandan team who are very committed to serving God and the children.   Thanks for blessing us at this time.  
11)  For the success of the Christmas gift bag and meals program.   Thanks to the donors and workers.
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