EWCV Newsletter September 2013

Bill & Ann’s Return to Uganda

We fly from Winnipeg on September 9th to Chicago where we have a full ten-hour wait until our evening flight for Brussels. We have a two-hour wait in Brussels and then take the flight with Brussels Airlines to Entebbe in Uganda. We will arrive in Uganda at 11 pm the next day, on Sept.10th. We will stay in Kampala two nights to rest up. Allan will bring our little boy, Elisha, to meet us and he will stay with us overnight before heading for our home in Masaka on Thursday.

Ann’s Health Situation

We are praising God that Ann’s appointment July 30th showed that she is cancer free. That was the first three month check-up. Ann will continue check ups in Kampala. She is looking great and has had no problems since her 33 radiation treatments were completed at the end of April. We are so thankful to everyone for all the prayers that have been said for her daily. W e h a v e been blessed to experience winter weather and to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Birthday Parties with family and friends and, more recently, our daughter and son-in-law’s, Linda and Ken Vandenakker’s, 25th wedding anniversary celebrations.

Jaimee Schmidt’s Half Marathon

Jaimee Schmidt of Brandon sponsors children at EWCV. She has visited us three times over the years and is now the youngest Board Member of the Canadian Board of EWCV. This year, Jaimee once again participated in the Half Marathon Run in Winnipeg on Father’s Day to raise money towards the completion of the second girls’ hut in Family #3. The hut is now nearing completion and they are just waiting for the wooden doors and windows to be installed and then six girls will move in. This

completes the final and fourth hut needed for Family #3. Jaimee’s home church, Parkside Gospel Church in Dauphin, MB, provided the funds to complete the construction of the

second boys’ hut for Family #3. Well done, Jaimee, and well done, Parkside Gospel Church.

Oak Bluff Missions and their Vacation Bible School Donations

This year, we were invited to speak for the first time at the Oak Bluff Community Church just outside of Winnipeg. The church made a donation towards the girls’ hut of family #3 and the children added to this during their vacation Bible School week with a very generous donation which, along with Jaimee’s fund raising efforts, has enabled the construction costs to be completed. It is truly awesome that the four huts of family #3 are nearing completion. Great job, Oak Bluff VBS program, run by the team of

volunteers. We also want to thank the New Life Centre in Dauphin for their generous donation for EWCV received recently.

Remainder of Family #3 Needs

Now Family #3 remains with the need of a new Kitchen/Storage room and a Parents’ House, each costing around $12,000 to $14,000 CDN depending upon the exchange rate and inflation, plus the installation of Solar Panels and Batteries for their lighting of $5,000. In the meantime, some people have made donations towards replacing the roofing for some of the Families #1 and # 2 huts that were leaking. This re-roofing will be on-going for sometime until the roofs are all completed.

Macris Family News

As many of you will know from reading the Macris Newsletter issued recently, Dr. Haris Macris has completed overseeing the construction of the new Medical Clinic on the site of EWCV, under Hellenic Ministries of Greece. It has been so exciting to see the pictures of the building of the clinic and then

to see it completed. Now Dr. Macris has a permanent building to keep his supplies in, without having to rely on the trunk of his vehicle. We were so sad to have missed seeing Dr. Haris’ mother, Alky, and his brother, Neil, and friends from Athens, Greece. Neil and his team worked, during their stay at EWCV, to construct a shelter over the playground equipment for the children. What a great job, guys! We look forward to seeing the new shelter and clinic when we return soon.

Scripture Union Camp Sponsorship for Dec.6th – 11th

The camp for students 14 years of age and older from EWCV will be held near Kampala again this year at Gayaza High School from December 6th to 11th. If you wish to sponsor a student(s) to attend, perhaps it could be your own sponsored child if he/she is old enough to attend, please send $40 which includes the Registration Fee, Transportation cost, mattress hire, T-shirt, and some spending money. If you know who you wish to sponsor, please include their full name(s). We need to have your commitment to sponsor them so we can know how many we can send this year.

Reminder about the Christmas Gift Bag/Christmas Dinners Program

We have been asked to remind everyone about the Christmas Gift Bag/Christmas Dinners program which we run each year. Some of the items included for the gift bags are sugar, maize flour, rice, bread, margarine, cooking oil, laundry soap, bar of bathing soap, matches, and a small gift/toy for each child. Approximately 400 children will be given gift bags to take home. These supplies are intended to provide the entire family at least one meal for Christmas Day. We also provide three special Christmas meals, one for the Lubumba Community people, at our little church the Sunday before Christmas, one for the three families of EWCV on Christmas Day, and one for the former guardians who come every year on December 28th to pick up their children to take them home for holidays. We do our shopping early to be able to purchase bulk items at a cheaper cost. The donations towards these gift bag/Christmas Dinner items are needed no later than November 12th so that the shopping can be done in bulk before prices go up. Whatever size of donation you might wish to make towards this program will be appreciated. It can be sent to the head office here in Winnipeg at: Eagles Wings Children’s Village, #712-133 Niakwa Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2M 5J5.

Praise Items – For the:

  1. 1)  Use of our granddaughter’s car during our stay in Canada.
  2. 2)  Affordable apartment for us at Fort Garry Place – another blessing until September 7th, 2013.
  3. 3)  Children’s Huts for Family #3 nearing completion with support from Parkside Gospel Church

    and Oak Bluff Community Church as well as Jaimee Schmidt’s fundraiser run.

  4. 4)  Ken and Sandi Pawluk’s 50th wedding anniversary as well as our daughter, Linda’s, and

    husband, Ken Vandenakker’s 25th anniversary.

  5. 5)  Weddings this summer: Tim and Stephanie Falk (Steinbach Heritage Village); Marshall and

    Beth Rempel (Dauphin and Rosenort); Curtis and Elena Buhler (married in Athens, Greece).

  6. 6)  Lorna Best of Victoria, B.C. 110th birthday celebration on July 4th, 2013; Eileen Mainland of

    Winnipeg 100th birthday celebration this summer.

  7. 7)  Hosts who looked after us during our many trips to give presentations in such places as

    Brandon, Dauphin, Selkirk, and Gimli, Gilbert Plains and our hosts in Moose Jaw, SK.

  8. 8)  Volunteers Kurt Petersen and Joan Vautour who filled in the gap for us at EWCV during our absence since the beginning of this year. Some great work with the youth as well as many

    other efforts to help make things easier.

  9. 9)  Generous donation received recently to purchase 43 new mattresses for the remainder of the

    children in the three families. What a blessing.

Prayers Needed For:

1) Those leading EWCV during our absence. 2) Our safe travel back to Uganda.

  1. 3)  Terry Dokken whose cancer has reappeared after a challenge last year of many months in the hospital. She has recently had two more rounds of chemo.
  2. 4)  Cousin Beattie Sims and families of Kay and Ian with the loss of Keith Sims in England.
  3. 5)  Family of Lucille Caporn (Bastow) of Australia who died recently.
  4. 6)  Approval of our new NGO (Non Governmental Organization) certificates.
  5. 7)  Approval of our new personal VISAS for Uganda.

    For Financial Information: Contact:

    Pat Bates: 204-254-5309 Email: pmbates@nullshaw.ca

    For Child/Staff/General Information: Contact:

    Francie Humby: 204-257-2483

Email: f_humby@nullhotmail.com

Donations can come through:

** UK – Contact “Love In Action Email: alan@nullugandamail.com

** USA – Contact Real Partners Uganda

523 Lafayette Blvd.

Brigantine, NJ 08203 USA

Email: realpartnersuganda@nullgmail.com

** EUROPE – Contact: Hellenic Ministries Lydias 12,

11527 Athens, Greece

Email: marina_karavas@nullhotmail.com


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