EWCV November Newsletter 2013

Bill & Ann’s Return to Uganda


Many people have been wondering whether we are still in Canada.   We arrived back in Uganda on September 10th after a lengthy but safe trip back.   We spent two days in Kampala where we had one full day with Elisha before heading to our home in Masaka.   He was soooo excited to see us.


During the nine months we were away, Elisha grew physically and mentally.  His vocabulary is incredible.  Now I’m spending time each evening trying to teach him to read while he is trying to teach me some Luganda.   He even learned a few words and phrases in Greek when he stayed with the Macris family.


He tells us each day nearly every hour when he’s home, “I love you, Mom” and “I love you, Dad” and “I love you, Jesus”.   It’s so nice to hear him say that.   He will turn five years old on the 25th of this month.   Each morning he attends Kindergarten at an international school along with three other children, two from Denmark and one from England.  He has a Ugandan teacher and is sad every Friday when he finds out that he will have to wait until Monday to return to class.


It’s now over two months since we returned.    Ann is doing fine, health wise, and has been busy working every day on bookkeeping trying to keep caught up and to learn a new system on the computer.   Our friends have often been helping her.   Next week Ann will have her second cataract operation in Kampala on the 25th at Mengo Hospital and on the 26th she will go for her next three month check up for cancer to Malago Hospital.  Thanks, again, for all of you who were praying for her during our stay in Canada.


We are now ready to submit our application and papers for our three year Work Permit to the Immigration Dept.  Our NGO (Non Governmental Organization) renewal application for EWCV has been approved for five years.   Also, our Ugandan Board of Directors for EWCV has been working on amending our Constitution with another meeting early tomorrow morning.


Family Three Progress


The children from Family 3 were so excited a few Saturdays back when they were able to turn on lights at night from the new solar system that had been installed.  The same day six of the girls were able to move into their newly completed hut making it six children per hut rather than twelve.  They are all so appreciative of the donations from many of you who made this possible for them.





New Development at Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School


We were all so excited to hear that the government granted our primary school the status of becoming a sitting center for our Primary Seven students.   These students wrote their Ugandan Primary Leaving Exams recently at our school whereby in the past the students had to walk each morning some good distance to other schools to write those exams.  Now comes the waiting period until their results are announced.

These results decide whether the students are able to enter High School.   The teachers worked very hard at preparing the students for these exams.   We also have other students who are writing their government Senior Four and Six exams at other schools.  All Ugandan children will be finished their school year in a couple of weeks with their two months holiday ahead of them during December and January.   Then the new school year starts at the beginning of February 2014.   Our Eagles Wings High School will begin a new class for Senior Three students.  Each year they expand to a new grade/level.  They are dreaming of some new classrooms being built when it is possible.  Each year this brings the need for new textbooks for the new level of students and more desks.    It’s always a challenge.


Scripture Union Camp and Christmas Programs Ahead Of Us This Coming Month.


With the time moving quickly, we are not yet sure how many students we will be able to send to Scripture Union Camp December 6th to the 11th near Kampala.  This is an event that students look forward to attending.   The cost is $40 for the students 14 years old and over.  Most of them have matured so much from having attended camps in the past.   We thank those of you who have sent your money early to help us to plan for the students who will attend.  Our accountant, Pat Bates, asked us to have the donations into the Winnipeg office by November 15th for the next transfer of money.


Right now we are not sure how much of a Christmas Program we will be able to offer for the children as the donations have been small and slow at coming in.   Pat has asked for Canadian donations to be sent by November 15th for the Christmas transfer of money to:

Eagles Wings Children’s Village, #712-133 Niakwa Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2M 5J5.  

Phone Pat: 204-254-5309 or email:   pmbates@nullshaw.ca


For Child/Staff/General Information contact Francie Humby at:

 204-257-2483 or email:  f_humby@nullhotmail.com


Website:  www.eagleswingschildrensvillage.com