January 2012 Newsletter EWCV -Uganda

                                                                        January 2012 Newsletter from Eagles Wings Children’s Village Uganda


New Primary School Painted on the Front Exterior

Thanks to our volunteer, Kurt Peterson, who hails fromVancouver,Canada, the outside front of the new primary school was given several coats of light yellow paint with white trims.   Our young deaf fellow, Batcher, assisted Kurt with the painting.   Batcher loves to paint and do carpentry with Paul.   It was completed several days before the first of the many events taking place at the property around December 1st.   This was the first paint applied to the primary school.  Kurt also managed with Batcher’s help to do much of the painting inside and outside of the renovated senior secondary school.   We still have much painting to do for future volunteers who will be coming to spend time with us.   All the childrens’ huts need painting once again inside and outside.   We need you back again, Amanda Wray.


Social Worker, Allan & Harriet’s Wedding December 3rd, 2011

Even though we began the wedding two hours late, it turned out to be a wonderful wedding.   There had been many challenges during the morning as this was the day after the couple had attended their Introduction ceremony nearKampalathe day before their wedding and arrived at 3 am in Masaka to get a few hours sleep.  However, the sun was shining on the wedding day with a few short showers which cooled everything down nicely, the choir provided fine music throughout the service, the preacher was powerful, the church was packed to overflowing with more people outside, twelve of our children took part in the wedding party and looked so smart, the church was nicely decorated, Rev. Christopher did a fine job of leading the service, over 700 people mostly children were fed at the reception where there was a special childrens’ line for serving food.   Our two volunteers, Kurt and Joan, said that this was the most joyous wedding they had ever attended in their lives.  It was agreed that the church and reception were full of the joy of the occasion.  Usually the churches are quiet, but this time it was jubilant.   Several youth commented that usually children are not included, but in this case children were given top priority to be in attendance although most were outside watching through the windows.   The children felt special.  The Bridal couple traveled toKigali,Rwanda, for their honeymoon where they were treated royally by a close friend.


Head Master, Samuel Wasswa and Joan’s Wedding December 17th, 2011

The Head Master of Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School was married to Joan on Saturday, December 17th at theChurchofUgandahere inMasakaTown.   The service started about 40 minutes late, but went smoothly with the leadership of the new Bishop of West Buganda Diocese who also did the preaching in the Luganda language.   The choir of this church is always great.   We were able to take 10 of the children from Family #3 from our home inSowetoto attend with us and to represent the rest of the children from EWCV.  After the service was over, we went to the Tropic Inn Hotel in Masaka where the large tents were specially arranged around their huge swimming pool for the reception.    Once again a feast was provided for the 400 guests which included several government dignitaries.    Many of the staff of EWCV were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  One of the highlights was when the Groom took over the microphone and sang a special song which he had composed himself to his new bride, Joan.   We were all surprised with his skills in the music field.


Christmas Meal Served to over 500 Children/Adults

On December 18th, our church at EWCV property,LubumbaCommunityChurchhosted over 500 people to a Christmas Meal for the people of the surrounding villages.

The church was nicely decorated once again to provide a colorful background for a wonderful service.   The people assisted with food preparation, serving, and cleaning up afterwards.   It was a big job but everything went well with the teamwork of the committee of community people.


Christmas Gift Bags of Food 

On December 22nd, our school children from the community surrounding the EWCV property came to attend a short service in the church and afterwards were given their gift packages class by class.   These bags contained food for them to share with their families at home so that they would have a meal on Christmas Day.    We were able to include in the bags a handful of candies individually wrapped and also a couple of books appropriate for their reading level which Rachael worked on.   These books were from the boxes of books sent to us in the second shipment fromBlumenortMennoniteChurchinRosetown,MB.   The Nursery Students also received the gift of an Izzy Doll.  We owe our thanks from everyone to those of you who most generously gave donations as you have each of the past few years to make these programs possible to cover expenses.   We have been blessed to have a team of staff who work together to do the shopping of items in bulk order ahead of time to beat the high Christmas prices.  Then they spend time assembling the items into the big green bags for the children to take home.


Christmas Day at EWCV

A Coaster Van arrived at our home in town Christmas morning around 9 am to pick up the 26 children and staff of Family #3 to take everyone to the property.   A church service was held atLubumbaCommunityChurchonce again.   Afterwards the children from the community went back home.   Our children from the three families joined together in the church to enjoy a Christmas Meal provided by a team of workers.   The church was still beautifully decorated for the occasion.   The children were all given one Christmas gift which consisted of casual clothing.   Several goats were slaughtered for the meal.


Holiday Time for Children/Staff at EWCV

On December 28th the Coaster Van came once again to our home in town to take Family #3 children and staff to the property.   We had invited the former guardians of our children to come to the property to take their children back to their homes in the villages for a month’s holidays with their families.   We began with a short church service and followed this by the Annual General Meeting for EWCV.    Afterwards everyone was served a meal before heading back to their villages with these children from the three families.   Each child was given a gift bag to take along with them to help with the food shortage which they might face during their stay away from EWCV.   Our Social Worker took care of the few children who had nobody to pick them up and delivered them to their villages.   Now it is very quiet around our compound of our house in town.

The children will return to the property on January 28th, a couple of days before school starts again on January 30th for the new school year.


Mosquito Nets for EWCV children/staff

This past week Kurt Peterson has been staying out at the property to work at distributing mosquito nets to the most needy families in the communities surrounding us.   He had been working hard all the past two years inVancouverto raise the money needed to purchase around 400 mosquito nets for the children of EWCV.  He had formed “Pennies for Change” which has been a huge success as a fund raiser.   Kurt has been traveling each day this week with our Social Worker, Allan Kisakye, on the Motor Cycle in every direction from our property to the many homes in the villages.   He said that at first it was a slow procedure, but they developed a system whereby they were able to become more efficient with the installations.   We are so thankful for Kurt and Allan’s efforts because malaria has been rampant lately with this being the height of the malaria season.   They will make a big difference in the health and well-being of our children of EWCV.   These are high quality nets which are treated and are going into the homes of people living in poverty.


Family #3 Housing

We are so thankful for the money raised for the construction of the two boys’ and girls’ ECO SAN toilets which are now completed and also the Dining Hut which was completed first.  We have had another donation which will allow us to complete the first of the four childrens’s huts.   That will still leave us also to build the kitchen/storage room as well as the Parent’s House.   Once this has all been completed, then we will move Family #3 from our home in town out to their new home at the property which is 25 miles away.   Then the children of Family #3 will be able to attend Beth Pipe Nursery & Primary School with the other two family’s children.   Meanwhile we will keep providing for their schooling here in our home in town with our two teachers covering the load of multi-class levels.


Senior Secondary School for EWCV property

The new Head Teacher, Apollo,  for “EaglesWingsHigh School” was hired as well as the other eight teachers who will begin teaching at the end of this month.  We are offering to teach eighteen subjects to Senior One students of two streams of 40 students per stream.   We are starting small right now with the number of students and our school has been undergoing renovations to prepare for the opening.   Our young carpenter, Paul Ssekenjako, has been working so hard to complete everything needed including furniture and desks for the students/teachers.   Our Maintenance Man, Michael, has been working with his assistant to reconstruct temporary kitchen facilities for both the primary and secondary schools under one roof made with iron sheets this time.   The walls have been built with papyrus reeds with a frame of eucalyptus poles and plastered with mud/cow dung mixture.   The kitchen stoves will be homemade right now to facilitate three stoves in each of the two kitchens.  Both of the schools will run an agricultural program on pieces of land we give them to use hoping that they will cut down the costs for their feeding programs of two meals per day being morning porridge and 1 pm poshio and beans.   Our Head Master of the High School will teach Math and Physics along with his administrative duties.   Our Bursar will also do Secretarial work as well as teaching Computers.   The Deputy Head Mistress will teach History and Religious Education and assist with administrative duties .


Praise Item:

The Macris Family have arrived here inUgandaand are now settling into their home here inMasakaTown.

Rev. Christopher and Harriet have been granted VISAS to join a Canadian Bible Study Tour of Israel with Pastors and their wives through Bridges for PeaceCanada.  They will leave in a month.


Prayers Needed For:

1)  Gloria Bassett as she prepares for surgery January 18th inMoose Jaw,SK.

2)  Mary Lee undergoing chemo therapy once again inPerth, Ontari/o.

3)  Jag Malik of Gilbert Plains as he recovers from surgery which removed a tumor from his spine – inWinnipeg,MB, Rehab Centre.

4)  Our Maintenance Man, Michael Kiwanuka, as he prepares for his Introduction Jan.19th and his Wedding to Jennifer on January 21st this month here in Masaka.

5)  Bernadette undergoing Chemo treatment for cancer inZimbabwe.

6)  Joyce struggling with cancer inPerth,Australia.

7)  Dr. Haris Macris and his wife Maria and four children as they settle in here inMasaka,Uganda, now that they have arrived.   Please pray that their container will arrive safely inMombasain a week and that it will clear customs okay for the trip here by semi-trailer throughKenyaandUganda.  Their youngest daughter, Evanthia (5), has been having a high fever, stomach upset, and poor appetite since they arrived.  Please pray for her.  A guest also arrived shortly after the Macris family at the airport and visited with us all here in Masaka for one full day.   Alexis stopped over here on his way back toGreecefromTanzania.   He is a landscape architect and is interested in helping us with the new medical clinic to be built.  We praise God for his visit and fellowship during his short stay.


Our thanks for the many cards, letters, emails, phone calls which we received during this holiday season.   It is great to still have parcels and cards/letters arriving from all over.   We appreciate the care packages which are sent to us with many surprises inside.   We have been thoroughly blessed this past year with the love shown to us and the children/staff of EWCV.  If you are able to obtain any free calendars, would you please mail them to us?   We like to give them to staff and especially for the classrooms of the schools.   Please don’t send old calendars.


Contact Information:  Eagles Wings Children’s Village,#300-404 Desalaberry Street,Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada, R2L 2G3

Website:     www.eagleswingschildrensvillage.com


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Phone Francie Humby for child/staff/general information:  204-257-2483 – Email:   f_humby@nullhotmail.com


Donations from the UK can go through “Love in Action” (Email: alan@nullugandamail.com); from USA – Real Partners Uganda, 523 Lafayette Blvd., Brigantine, New Jersey, 08203 USA (Email:realpartnersuganda@nullgmail.com); from Europe – Hellenic Ministries, Lydias 12, 11527, Athens, Greece (Phone: 30-210-77.79.845 or Email: marina_karavas@nullhotmail.com).  ***Please indicate that your donation is for Eagles Wings Children’s Village inUganda.


James 1:27 says “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”