June 2nd Newsletter Update

Hi,   Our email address was hacked recently because we hadn’t been changing our password frequently.    The hacker also retrieved money from Western Union with some information he obtained in an email and used a forged ID.    Please don’t send any money through Western Union to us in the future.   Also, would you please contact us if you received any email with our contact information from EWCV asking for money for us.   Please forward the email to us so we can see what is happening.   Thanks so much.   Also, our thanks to Elaine Griswold in the US office of Real Partners Uganda who recognized the hacked email message supposedly from us.

We are indeed changing our email password frequently now for protection.   We haven’t tracked down the hacker yet, but we know that it is a person from within Uganda which is the second country listed with the highest hacking record next to Nigeria.   We have to as wise as serpents!

PayPal is soon to be available in the Winnipeg office for Canadians or anyone in the World, I’m told.

We arrived in Uganda last Wednesday after six weeks in Greece and back to Masaka to our home on Saturday when we received a wonderful welcome from the children.   Our thanks to everyone in Greece for the warm hospitality we received during our extensive travels.    The money for our return airline tickets and other expenses didn’t come from EWCV, but from ourselves as it was our treat to ourselves for five anniversaries.

Our daughter, Linda Vandenakker, of Winnipeg is running the half marathon on Father’s Day, June 19th as well as Jaimee Schmidt of Brandon who is also running in the same event in Brandon.    They are both running for our charity of EWCV and specifically to raise money for Family #3 housing so that those children can move into new housing at the property before Christmas Day, 2011.   The dining hut has been nearly completed, but there are 7 more buildings to be constructed.   Donations towards this cause is being sent to our Winnipeg office through Pat Bates:    email:   pmbates@nullshaw.ca     If it is your wish to contribute towards one of these two marathon runs, please give instructions as to your wish for designation of the donation towards “Family #3 Housing”.

Mailing Address:
Eagles Wings Children’s Village
#300-404 Desalaberry St.
Winnipeg, MB
R2L 2G3   Canada

We have just received the second shipment of 60 boxes of wonderful books from Walter & Marilyn Dyck’s home church in Rosetown, Manitoba which is “Blumenort Mennonite Church”.   They also provided money for bookcases to be built.   We now have one of the finest collection of books of any primary school in Uganda, I believe.   Our sincere thanks to the congregation in Rosetown.   There will also be books left over to provide for Eagles Wings Senior Secondary School to be opened February 2012, good Lord willing.

Many thanks from the children and staff for your continued prayers and support.   May God Bless you in abundance.   To God be the Glory!

Ja Ja’s Bill & Ann & little Elisha