March 2012 Newsletter Eagles Wings Children’s Village – Uganda

                                             March 2012 Newsletter from Eagles Wings Children’s Village Uganda


Dear friends, family and supporters,

The month of February has been a busy one for us here inUganda.  All children have now returned to school during the past month, which has kept us on our toes, our Eagles Wings Secondary School has officially opened and is now operating, mosquito nets have been delivered and installed for all Eagles Wings children, a large container from the US has now arrived, Rev. Christopher Muwonge and his wife, Harriet, visited the Holy Land and the long-awaited shoes for the children have arrived.

Please read more about all of this in the articles below:

                                                    Batcher Goes to School for the Deaf by Joan Davidson Vautour (EWCV Volunteer)

Upon my arrival, Paul (EWCV Carpenter), had come to me to talk about Batcher, my sponsored deaf boy.  Both Paul and Allan, our Social Worker, were concerned about Batcher’s future as a deaf child at EWCV.  He was not doing well at school and was working with Paul and helping Anatoili, our Farm Manager, at the Eagles Wings property.  Batcher is a hard working young man and seemed to excel at everything he was asked to do at the property.  We all wanted more for Batcher.  As he is my sponsored child and a boy whom I met here in Masaka begging on the streets in 2003, I felt a responsibility for his welfare and future.  After discussions with Ann and Bill and with the advice from John and Doris (my cousins inCanada) and their experience with deaf children, it was suggested that we take him for a hearing test.  We took Batcher to the Kampala Audiology and Speech Center and his results showed that he was deaf and also showed that no hearing aid or devices could be of any benefit to him.  They recommended that we find a deaf school for him to attend. After visiting one school which was not suitable, God directed us to the Uganda Society for theDeafVocationalTrainingCenterinKampala.  This was just what all of us wanted, a place for Batcher to be able to communicate in his own language and excel in his passion for Art, Design and Carpentry.  He was accepted and I took on the commitment of his education for the next three years.  Please pray that I will be able to fulfill this commitment and that Batcher will excel in his endeavours.  He was so excited.


On Fed 5th, Allan, Kurt (Canadian Missionary) and I left with Batcher forKampala and School.  We arrived on Sunday and were blessed to attend the Emmanuel Church for the Deaf.  It was overwhelming for us to watch Batcher as he entered the church and realized that it was a church for the deaf and that everyone was praising God and singing by signing.  He had arrived home.  He didn`t even sit with us as he went directly to the front of the church and sat with all the other young deaf people.  He was raising his hands, praising God and singing (signing).  We realized then that he knew more sign language than we had thought.  He just could not communicate it to us. Batcher came out of that church a changed young man.  I felt the power of the Holy Spirit moving in that church.  No words were spoken, just the love of God communicated through signing.  It was powerful!

We stayed overnight with Lawrence (our long time Ugandan friend) who has also known Batcher for many years, and together we all went with him to his new school.  It was wonderful for me to witness this love of young men, all who have supported each other through the years, all brothers in Christ and connected to Eagles Wings.  God is amazing.  As I look back over this process, I again can see the hand of God in everything.  I felt so proud of Batcher who came from being a little boy begging on the streets of Masaka to a young man starting on a new adventure in life.  Praise God.

Joan Davidson Vautour (EWCV Volunteer)

                                                                       Mosquito Net Distribution & Installation by Kurt Petersen (EWCV Volunteer)


After a full year of fundraising, prayers and decisions, mosquito nets for the children of Eagles Wings Children’s Village finally became a reality!  With the help of dedicated Eagles Wings’ social worker, Allan Kisakye, and his wheels, we motored and walked through numerous footpaths, trails and dusty dirt roads to the doors of hundreds of poor village homes surrounding Eagles Wings Children’s Village orphanage –  I praise God for the protection he gave us during our travels.  With a sac of 30 mosquito nets (at a go), we were able to greet, explain, educate, deliver and install mosquito nets to children (and needy guardians) at a near rapid pace.  Of course this took some practice on our first day out in the field, but by the second day we had a system down.


Here’s the process:

1. -Arrival at the child’s home 2. – Received special greeting from all at the household (all women/girls kneel on the ground/floor inUgandatradition) 3. – Explain the reason of visit 4. – Received overwhelming gratitude 5. – Educate on caring for the mosquito net and prolonging its life 6. – Enter the home and determine where the child(ren) sleep 7. – Install mosquito net using strings and/or nails 8. – Received overwhelming gratitude (sometimes with gifts incl. groundnuts (peanuts), papaya, eggs, sugarcane) 9. – Continue to next home.


Out of this entire process I was given the first-hand look at how these village people live without electricity, running water and even natural light within their homes, among other things.  Most homes are constructed of mud (walls) with thatched roof, while others are constructed of brick (walls) and metal sheets for roofing.  All floors are mud creating the possibility of jiggers.  As I mentioned these homes lack even natural light due to the absence of windows and electrical light bulbs.  I found this to be one of the challenges that we met during installation of the mosquito nets, simply because we couldn’t see clearly without using some kind of flashlight or candle (during the middle of the bright afternoon).  Windows are not common because of reasons such as affordability and security.  Without such windows, it also creates poor ventilation which creates hot conditions inside, so most house members remain outdoors until the weather cools in the evening.


During mosquito net installation, it also became clear to me that most children do not have beds nor do they have even a mattress to lay on for sleep.  Most sleeping areas are made up of straw (weaved) mats and blankets, creating somewhat of a bed, so we were able to determine where the child(ren) slept in the home and install the mosquito net accordingly.  As I struggle with the fact that most of these children do not have proper beds to sleep on, this may be a great idea to invest in in the near future with my Pennies 4 Change project.


After the surrounding villages were completed, the 72 children of Eagles Wings Children’s Village orphanage were next!  Wooden poles were made (4) for each bed to ensure that each mosquito net hung fully and properly over each single bed.  I was blessed enough with God’s timing to be able to experience few interruptions during this process as the children were away on holidays at this time.  I was also given the assistance of some students (from surrounding villages) to help me accomplish this task.  Once the children returned from holidays near the end of January, they were excited and thankful for what had been done.


This was a wonderful experience for me as it enabled me to share the many blessings that God has given me with so many children and guardians through this mosquito net distribution and installation project.  I’m pleased to report that over 300+ people have now been provided a mosquito net to protect them against malaria, praised God!


God bless,

Kurt Petersen (EWCV Volunteer)


                                   Rev. Christopher & Jajja Harriet visit The Holy Land


During the month of February, Rev. Christopher Muwonge (EWCV Co-Director) and his wife, Harriet, were given the opportunity to visit theHoly Landfor 10 days.  After weeks of passport, visa and other trip preparations, God paved the way for them to take on this journey to land where Jesus walked and worked.  They met up with a wonderful Canadian group (Bridges for PeaceCanada), who welcomed and treated them as fellow Canadians.


They visited several sites inIsrael, including Joppa,Nazareth, Galilee, the River Jordan,Jerusalem,Bethlehem, the Knasset (the Israel Parliament) and theDead Sea.  The uniqueness of the country was like no other they can think of.  God’s presence inIsraelwas made very clear to them which has excited them and encouraged them to someday return to theHoly Land, God willing.  Nonetheless, this was an experience that has inspired them and will be one they will truly never forget.


We give thanks to God for the doors that were opened for them to visit theHoly Land, for the support from many people who helped make this possible and the protection upon them during their travels.


                              Container Arrives from USA, including 200+ Shoes for EWCV Children


In early January, God blessed us with the arrival of the Macris family fromUSA.  Dr. Haris Macris (with Hellinic Ministries), his wife, Maria, and their 4 children have committed themselves to stay in Uganda to construct a clinic on Eagles Wings Children’s Village property, which will be a blessing to serve the EW children and surrounding areas.  As they planned for a long-term stay, a container was also expected to arrive with several things to help them during their time inUgandaand with many other gifts and items for Eagles Wings Children’s Village, including more than 200 pairs of children’s shoes, donated by Soles for Souls.


With delays at the Port inMombasa,Kenya, we all kept wondering when will the container actually arrive inUganda.  Word then arrived that the container was now on its way fromMombasatoUganda, which prompted Dr. Haris Macris to meet the container at the Kenya/Uganda border to ensure its clearance through Customs.  EW Social Worker, Allan, also tended to the mission with Dr. Macris to ensure it would arrive smoothly.  After some delays and many prayers, the container arrived safely and without problems in Masaka.


The container has now come and gone and the sorting and organizing has begun.  Through the sorting process, we have been blessed to receive new, quality shoes for more than 200 children at Eagles Wings.  We praise God for the safe arrival of all the items within the container and give thanks to the Macris family for saving space for these items and other items that will be benefitting Eagles Wings Children’s Village.


Volunteers, Kurt and Joan, and some EW staff have now begun sorting and fitting shoes for the children who need them.  Shoes are very important for children to have, as they help to keep a child’s foot clean, may increase they’re endurance, but especially to help prevent jigger-flea contraction.  Jiggers are small larvae that live in dusty dirt floors and can penetrate into the skin, burrowing inside causing pain and discomfort, so we give thanks to God for these shoes.


Our thanks for the many cards, letters, emails, phone calls which we continue to receive. It is wonderful to receive parcels, cards and letters arriving from all over the world.   The care packages are always greatly appreciated which are sent to us with many surprises inside.  We have received some beautiful calendars recently which are of great use for the staff and the school classrooms.  Thanks to those who have sent them.  We continue to receive blessings because of your continued faithful support.  Without God, none of this would be possible. Many thanks and blessings to you.


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