Merry Christmas from Eagles Wings Children’s Village in Uganda , 2006

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!   Luke 2:14

Final day of school for the school year

We were so thrilled with the special program which was presented by the children to our staff and some special guests in the Dining Hut at the EWCV property last week.   Rev. Christopher Muwonge and his wife Harriet were the guests of honor.   The children performed a skit which represented the story of the birth of baby Jesus, special Christian songs were sung, verses of scripture were read by four of the older children, there was prayer time where the children took turns praying, speeches were made by the guests of honor, and small gifts were presented to those children who excelled in different areas.   Each child received a lollipop and a balloon.

This program was followed by a birthday cake being presented to Tatta Caxton and shared by one of our boys, Emmanuel.   Report cards were handed out to the children with their folders of the work completed during this past term plus the exams written.   The children took them to the House Parents to read.

Some of the children who arrived to live at EWCV more recently had begun school for the first time.   They will now benefit with being able to attend school full time in the new year.  We were very proud of the accomplishments of all of the children and teacher over such a short period of time.  The first children who joined us back in February 2006 are growing quickly.   We are hoping to be able to see the beginning of construction for a new Primary School on our property early in the new year which will benefit our orphaned children as well as the children in the surrounding villages.

We will be emailing scanned copies of the report cards for the older children, personal reports from the House Parents, and updated pictures of your children to those of you who are sponsors after the Christmas rush is over.   On behalf of the children, we thank all of you who in some way have made a difference in the lives of these children.   Some of you are volunteering in different ways back home in Canada or have made donations which have enabled the completion of the construction of the buildings for the first Family Unit #1.  Your donation, no matter how much, is truly appreciated.   Some of you have donated money towards education, some to agricultural development, some to construction of the housing, and some towards the monthly sponsorship of children and staff.   It has enabled us to move forward.  Now we are looking ahead next month at beginning to take in more children for Family Unit #2 at our home here in Masaka with new House Parents, cook, teacher, and the construction of new housing.

We give the glory to God for making all of this possible through you.

For the Child Sponsors and Staff Sponsors

We want to thank you for the cards and letters/emails which you have sent for your children.   We have been able to print in color the pictures you sent us of yourselves to pass on to the children.   The House Father, Caxton, is the one who reads/translates your letters and cards for the children.

Today the House Mother, Christine, and our Social Worker, Allan, were busy shopping at the market in Masaka to buy the gifts of clothing on your behalf.  It is market day here in town.   These are the gifts made possible from the extra Christmas donations which you have given for the purchase of a gift for your child.   We are also hoping to put together small bags to give the Children on Christmas where each bag with each bag containing a couple of oranges, mangos, sweets, and a small bag of popcorn, etc. given to them by one of our staff who is going to act as Father Christmas.   He will be wearing a special hat which is red and has decorations.

Yesterday, we sent one of our staff to Kampala to shop for a Christmas tree for the Dining Hut at the property.   Moses came home with a beautiful tree which I’m sure will be the first Christmas tree these children have ever experienced.   It will be set up later today or tomorrow.

Solar Power, Water Supply, and Energy Efficient Stoves.

The solar installation was completed earlier this week.   Power is now available in each of the buildings.   The staff and children were all super excited when the lights first went on.   No more electric bills and no more load shedding for EWCV.   Power can be there every night and not like most of Uganda where we are never sure when the electricity will be on.

This past month there were problems with the water not flowing from Lukaya’s water supply.   We had to use a truck to fetch water from the bore hole most days in large barrels and in Jerry Cans.  Now the tanks are all full from the water line as well as from the rain gutters connected to the tanks for catchment.   These improvements have made a considerable difference for the staff and children.

The work on the energy efficient stove was completed recently and now the cook is able to use firewood which we have in abundance on the property.   This has now cut down the expense of having to buy bags of charcoal.   Some senior students we are assisting are home for holidays from school and have been assigned to keep the small shed provided with dry firewood each day as well as to help with the hoeing of weeds in the fields.   The cook is now able to have four pots of food cooking at the same time.

Plans for Christmas Day

We will be joining the staff and children on Christmas Day at the property.   I’m not sure of the program yet, but we will be going to the nearby church for the morning service ( Church of Uganda ) at 9 am and we’ll later be sharing a special meal together.   The children will most likely open their gifts from their sponsors the evening before so that they can put on their new clothes for church in the morning.   A large cake has been ordered for Ann’s birthday on Christmas Day and should feed 40 people (including all the children).  We have made our own cakes at home in the past for each child’s birthday.

Plans for Holidays for Staff and Children

Allan, our Social Worker, made trips to deliver an invitation to all the former care givers of our orphaned children.   We have invited them to EWCV property on December 27th, to see where the children are living and to have the children entertain them.    We are planning to have our Ugandan Board members present as well as some of the local councilors of our area.   Everyone will be treated to a fine feast.   We have borrowed a tent and canopy to put up to provide shade and protection in case it rains.  After the program has been completed, the children will all return to their former homes for two and one half weeks.   This is the time when the staff of EWCV will have a couple of weeks holidays before we reassemble with EWCV Board Members for a two day retreat at a very beautiful prayer center.    Rev. Christopher Muwonge will direct our program during those days when we will examine our goals and objectives for EWCV as well as the Organizational structure and our way forward with the project.

“May you forever know and experience the true meaning of this beautiful season of Christmas”

“Blessings to you across the miles and always”

Bill & Ann on behalf of the Staff and Children of EWCV

We will be soon adding another 24 children for Family Unit #2  to our “Child Sponsorship Program” which you can soon check on the website.    We are looking presently for sponsors for two new House Parents at $125 CAD per parent per month, a cook at $50 CAD per month, an agricultural assistant at $50 CAD per month, a gardener at $50 CAD per month, and two teachers – one at $100 CAD per month and one at $130 CAD per month.  You might be interested in sponsoring the construction of one of the new huts to house the new children.   Send us an email and we will provide the information you need.