Newsletter – Fall, 2005

We have now passed the Fall Equinox when the geese and ducks fly south, the leaves on the trees turn color, daylight is shorter, and the evenings reach the frost level. Ann has been busy sorting through mountains of items in our home. We have now made the move from our home in Gilbert Plains to Winnipeg where we will spend this week until flying out of Canada this coming Monday. We are like the birds this fall, heading south of the equator, back to Uganda, East Africa.

Travel Plans to Uganda

We are now spending one week in Winnipeg visiting our family and friends. We fly out of Winnipeg for the United Kingdom, good Lord willing, at 1155 on Monday Sept. 26th where we will stop over for three weeks. On the 27th, our cousin Kay will meet us at Heathrow Airport near London to take us to their home not too far south of the airport. Two days later, we will fly from Heathrow, once again north to Glasgow, Scotland where we will met by our Gilbert Plains friends, Simon and Katie Swithenbank, who will take us to their parent’s homes south of Glasgow by the seaside. We will have a week with our friends in Scotland before flying back to London to spend time with some of our relatives.

On October 16th we leave London’s Heathrow Airport to fly to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda arriving on British Airways flight #63 at 0540 October 17th. There are twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of night in Uganda all year long so we won’t see the daylight until approximately 7 am. Our friend, Rev. Christopher Muwonge, tells us that he will be there to pick us up with a coaster full of about 25 people to greet us and to welcome us back to Uganda.

We will be staying with our friends, Alan and Beryl Went, who are missionaries from England. This will give us a chance to look around for a house to rent until we can have a house built on the property belonging to Eagles Wings Children’s Village Inc.

Our Home in Gilbert Plains

Many of you might be wondering what we have done with our house. No, we haven’t sold it. The Lord has answered our prayers and we have a house sitter to live in our home in Gilbert Plains. Her name is Karen and she is a nurse in Dauphin Hospital. It is truly a blessing for us to have somebody living in our home.

Travel To Share Eagles Wings Children’s Village Vision

During May/June we drove out west as far as Vancouver Island. We also included a slight diversion south to Colorado to visit with friends Judy Fortin and her two daughters. In June/July we drove east as far as Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. We praise God for keeping us safe and giving us excellent car performance with older vehicles. To those of you who hosted us in your homes for accommodations and/or meals, we extend our appreciation and thanks for taking care of us. We were blessed to have this time to share about our project and to have some great fellowship with you. We have many good digital pictures to take with us to Uganda for those times when we are missing our Canadian family.

Eagles Wings Children’s Village Incorporated – Uganda

Eagles Wings Children’s Village was given the title to 70 acres of land a month ago. This land is located near the town of Lukaya in the Masaka District, just in case some of you might wish to locate it on your map. The first priority for moving ahead with the project is for the digging of a well. We have just found out that the cheapest quote we were given for digging a well in Uganda is $12,000 CDN. We have already paid $15,000 CDN for the 70 acres of land and now have to raise about $6000 CDN more to reach the $12,000 CDN needed to drill the well on the property. After that is completed, the next stage is to raise the money needed for building the children’s huts/dining hut/house parent’s house/ kitchen/toilets/bathing units for about $17,000 CDN. We had hoped to have orphan children in our care by Christmas, but will have to see how things have progressed with the donations. Please pray that the funds will come in as needed.

In the meantime, there have been people expressing an interest in sponsoring a child and/or a staff member. Sponsorship can start now with funds being used for children’s clothing, beds, and furniture. In due course, when children are enrolled, a particular child will be assigned as your sponsored orphan, and a picture and information on that child will be sent to you.

You may want to do a regular pre-authorized monthly transfer from your account to Parkside Gospel Church account. The treasurer, Dean Durston, will then forward it to the Eagles Wings Children’s Village office in Winnipeg monthly, along with your name and address for sponsorship. A charitable receipt will be issued to you by the church treasurer, after the end of the year.

Parkside Gospel Church’s account is #20057 879 100100129057 at the Dauphin Plains Credit Union. Please advise your financial institution, and also the Parkside church treasurer of your name and address, the amount of the regular transfer, and the date of the month this will be made.

Church Treasurer – Dean Durston , R.R. 4, Comp 32, Dauphin MB, R7N 2T7

In case you wish to write to us in Uganda through snail mail, our address is:

Bill & Ann Peckham, P.O. Box 842, Masaka, Uganda, East Africa.

Friends in Gilbert Plains recently hosted a Farewell Dinner/Fundraiser for us and they raised nearly $1000. Our thanks go out to Chloe Jorgenson who coordinated everything, to all her helpers, to everyone who donated food for the supper, and to those who made donations to EWCV. We appreciated the invitations to meals before we left, the phone calls, and visits to our home to wish us well. To everyone who showed that we are not walking alone in this project, we send our heartfelt thanks. Bill & Ann

P.S. For those of you who have roots in Gilbert Plains, check out their website for the 100th Anniversary celebrations for July 10-16th, 2006 at: