Newsletter – February, 2006

The past month has been a time of watching God at work as many key pieces have come together in the development of the Eagles Wings Children’s Village project. Some of the highlights for which we praise the Lord are:

Eagles Wings Children’s Village has received their Charitable Organization Number. The Canadian office is able to issue tax receipts as of January 1, 2006.

Rented House for EWCV in Uganda

Rented House for EWCV in Uganda

Here in Uganda, we’ve relocated to a house with a large compound where we will stay until a home is built for us at the EWCV site. The house is big enough for extra guests.

Canadian board member, Dale Myhre, came to visit January 10-31, bringing gifts and giving us much encouragement.

We took a brief holiday with Dale to Queen Elizabeth National Park in south-western Uganda where we were blessed to see the beauty of God’s creation in the breath-taking scenery and the herds of elephants, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys and hyenas.

EWCV site now has a water line from the town of Lukaya, Uganda

EWCV site now has a water line from the town of Lukaya, Uganda

The EWCV site now has water as the line from the town of Lukaya has been extended. This will make a big difference as water is needed to mix cement for construction.

The EWCV Ugandan board met on January 27 at the project site. This was an opportunity for Dale to meet them and extend greetings from their Canadian counterparts.

Four visitors from New Jersey and Virginia spent a few days with us and their interest in EWCV was a blessing.

5 Orphans at Eagles Wings Children's Village, Uganda

5 Orphans at Eagles Wings Children's Village, Uganda

Our first five children have arrived!! We have decided to begin accepting children in our present home until we can move to the EWCV site. Fatima (age 6) and Derrick (age 4) were the first two children to have joined us.

Our first teacher arrived this week to begin the nursery program. She is well-qualified and experienced. Yesterday was the first class with five children, today there are seven. This includes two of the young children belonging to our cook.

We appreciate each of you who support us regularly in prayer. Some specific needs in the immediate future are:

Four senior students who have been staying with us and helping out will return to boarding school this week for a new school year. A new young lady has come to assist Ann with cleaning the house, washing clothes, and cooking. Pray for us as we adjust to these changes.

Each child we have taken into EWCV has some health problems which require attention. Pray for their health and for wisdom for us as we care for them.

We need to purchase a poly tank for water storage at the EWCV site and a solar system to provide power due to constant power outages.

Thank you for your cards, letters, emails, phone calls and the generous donations to our project. We will update our website soon. May God bless each one of you for walking with us.

Bill’s Phone: 0782-759-743
Ann’s Phone: 0782-020-959

Mailing Address:
Bill and Ann Peckham, Box 842, Masaka, Uganda,
East Africa


Canadian Head Office: Eagles Wings Children’s Village Incorporated,
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