Newsletter for EWCV Uganda March 2011

Newsletter for EWCV Uganda March, 2011


Recent Visitors from United States and Canada


What a wonderful experience we had hosting a team of ten engineers along with a videographer for nine days.   Yes, it was a hectic time, but we enjoyed every minute they were with us.   They were a professional team put together through eMi (Engineering Ministries International) including Civil, Structural, Electrical, Landscape and Architectural, and Surveying Engineers.  

L to R. Philip (California), Daniel (Florida), Erica and Henry (Colorado), Jaimee (Brandon,MB), Pat (Kamloops,B.C.), Wes (Kansas), Kevin (California), Patrick (Kelowna,B.C.), Joyce (Vancouver, B.C.), Tyler (Videographer,California)


The first major job for some of the team was to survey the property.   We now have a proper topographic map of the property on which others from the team were able to locate exactly where future buildings will go including all ten family units.   The Landscape and Architectural Engineer, Erica, was able to give us a final sketch of what our 72 acres will look like with every building in place.  She also showed where the roads and the water lines can go.   Some nice designs for buildings were shown on a power point presentation at the final meeting with most of our department head representatives of EWCV present.  Here is a clip for you to watch.  It was put together by Wes who comes from Kansas:

The second clip was produced by Tyler who is a Videographer from California.

Our thanks go out to the team leader, Philip Greene, who put the team together and organized their time here with us.  One member of the team, Jaimee Schmidt (Civil Engineer), came to us from Brandon, MB.  She was able to spend a few days with us before the rest of the team arrived.  We have known Jaimee and her family from Dauphin as they belong to our home church, Parkside Gospel Church.  Jaimee is sponsoring two of our children and got to meet them in their homes in the village and again later when they returned from their holiday to rejoin their family units.  This was a unique experience for a visitor.  Engineer Kevin Nelson also got to visit the young boy he has taken on to sponsor and went to his home in the village to meet the boy’s family and then got to see him in school in another setting.   Kevin indeed thought this was a unique experience. Our thanks go out to all the team for coming to help us at EWCV.  We were responsible to provide for the teams’ transportation, accommodations, and feeding during their stay with us.   They each paid for their own airline travel.  

Christmas Feeding Program


Our thanks go out to those of you who made it possible through your donations to pay for the entire feeding program during the Christmas season.  1)   We were able to have the Christmas meal after church the Sunday before Christmas for the people from the community.   2) Then three days before Christmas, 190 school students from Lubumba community came and picked up gift bags of food items including dolls from Westwood Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg for each child.   This food enabled the community families to have several meals around Christmas Day.   3)  On Christmas Day we had a big meal for the 72 children of the three families 1, 2, and 3 along with the staff and their children.  4)  On December 28th, the former guardians of the children of the three families came to pick up the children to take them home for five weeks for a holiday.  We provided a big meal for these people along with the children before they left.   We also had our Annual General Meeting for EWCV with these people and the staff.  

After everyone left us, the staff started their month’s holiday.  The children came back to the property on February 5th and started back to school for the new school year on February 7th.   We praise God for your generosity to make all this possible for the children.  We will try to get some pictures into the website of these events as soon as possible. 

Full Primary School-New High School Needed


Our school is now running a full nursery and primary school program with eight teachers and one Head Master at the new school at the property.  There are also two teachers in Masaka Town to teach Family #3 children (Nursery to P.4).   We have had to hire three teachers before school began as one former teacher is continuing studies at University, one is staying home due to pregnancy, and one is needed for the new class of Primary Seven students.  These P.7 students will be the first students from Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School to write their National Primary Leaving Exams in November of this year.  We are now in need of preparing for these 27 students as to where they will attend school next year at Senior Secondary level.  It will be very expensive to send them away to a Boarding School. 

All of our teachers received a two day training the week before school started in February with trainers who came from the Christian Schools Association International.  We are a paying member of the Association and the teachers were trained to provide them with skills to be able to incorporate scripture from the Bible into the lesson planning.  When the students complete their primary schooling, then we wish for them to be able to continue in a Christian school atmosphere at the Secondary level.  We need to prepare to have a Senior Secondary School on our property.   We would like to build facilities for them to begin next February 2012 with Senior One level at “Eagles Wings High School”. 

We have the land to build a Secondary School and also know the exact location where the new High School can be built.   We also have architectural plans for this with each classroom costing about $7,500.   To be able to go ahead with these plans, we will need to have a new volunteer Christian Head Master/Mistress to run the new High School and volunteer Christian teachers who are trained to teach at this level.  If you know of anyone who might wish to come to Uganda to commit themselves to at least one school year, we would love to hear from you.   The administrator needs to have certification in administration with teaching experience to qualify. 

The school year consists of three terms each running three months.  Christmas Holidays include two months (December/January) off before the new school year begins in February each year.   We will be needing volunteer Christian teachers to teach science subjects beginning at the Senior One level

(Grade 8) such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, and Home Economics plus arts subjects including English, History, Geography, CRE (Christian Religious Education), options include: Commerce, Accounts, Entrepreneurship, Technical Drawing, Office Practice, Agriculture, Computer Science, Fine Art, and other Languages.   We will also be needing laboratory equipment for the sciences if anyone wishes to provide.  We are already receiving books for the library.   This all seems like a mountain before us, but we believe that with God, anything is possible.   If we have to use our old temporary school structure built by Canadian Walter Dyck and his two oldest boys three years ago, then we will re-roof the old thatched roof building with iron sheets until the Lord provides for a new structure.  We will also need to put in a wooden floor in each classroom because the old dirt floor attracts too many jiggers when it is dry and dusty. 

Family #3 Housing


The 24 children of family #3 who live with us in Masaka Town in our compound have been living with us for a couple of years now waiting patiently for their housing to be built at the property.   They are anxious to join families 1 & 2 who also began by living here in town with us until their own housing was completed for them to move.   It is 25 miles from our gate here in town to the 72 acres of EWCV property.  When the team of 10 engineers came recently, they showed us where we can build the housing for family #3 and eventually all the remaining families up to family #10.   With each family consisting of 24 children plus any children of the House Parents, then we are looking at 240 lone orphaned children by the time we have constructed all 10 family units of housing. 

Our friends in Germany, Maria and Jenny, worked with the people in their church to run a Christmas Craft Sale two weeks before Christmas.   It was a huge success and everything was sold.  We truly appreciate the efforts these people put out for the benefit of our children.  Well Done!  The money raised by this sale was donated to EWCV with clear instructions that the money was to be put towards starting the construction of Family #3 housing.   We have decided that at least we will be able to begin building one hut for the children from the 5,000 EUR raised.   As the Lord provides, we will build further huts and buildings.   Each hut will cost about $6000 depending on the cost of construction materials, especially cement.  We are aiming at improving the quality of our buildings by using a ratio of one wheel barrow of cement to three wheel barrows of sand for the ground slab, support columns, and the ring beam.  The approximate cost for all eight buildings for Family #3 will be over $70,000.   Our prayer is that this project will be completed by Christmas 2011 and that the children of Family #3 will move in before Christmas Day as the other children of families 1 & 2 did in the past. 

Ugandan Elections  

For those of you interested in politics, the election of the President of Uganda plus MP’s was held last week on Friday, 18th February, which was declared a National Public Holiday.  Then the election of some of the Local Councilors was held this week.   President Yoweri Museveni was re-elected President of Uganda for his fourth term with a 68% tally.  Our next door neighbor, Joseph Kalungi, was elected as the Local LC 5 Councilor for the Masaka District.  He will represent the President of Uganda in the Masaka District.  There were celebrations going on for the two days following the announcement of Joseph’s being elected.  Tomorrow we are going to attend the Thanksgiving Church Service and celebrations (speeches) being held at his home.  They will be using our front yard for parking space.   We also will be having children’s’ birthday celebrations later in the afternoon so it should prove to be an interesting day.   The government of Uganda pumped up the security throughout the country to the highest level ever.  Armed soldiers and police were to be seen everywhere.   The atmosphere was one of fear during this time because people didn’t want violence to break out as happened in other African countries recently.   People around the world were praying for Uganda to have peace and stability during these elections.   Yes, these prayers were answered. 

Water Crisis

They have been having a continual water crisis at the property during the past month at least because the new cistern developed a leak and the full tank had to be pumped out to make repairs.  Also, the water table had dropped so we weren’t always able to pump water to the upper tank using the solar pump.   The Lukaya Water Department didn’t have their water system working and the town of Lukaya was without water and we weren’t also receiving water from them.   The local pump at the Bore Hole broke down so the local communities around our property were without water.  Our cistern has been repaired and the pump from the well has been working.  However, we had to hire two trucks to haul 10,000 liters of water to our tanks on Thursday.  

The good news is that a family from California has donated money towards drilling a second well on our property near Family #2.   Our engineer friend, George Grinestaff, in Houston, Texas, is overseeing the future development of our water system and has contacted a driller who might come to drill well #2 in April, good Lord willing.  We are hoping that this will provide a more secure water supply during the dry seasons in the future. 

Contact Information for Canada and USA:


Mailing Address for Head Office for EWCV in Canada:  “Eagles Wings Children’s Village, c/o Pat Bates, #300-404 Desalaberry St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2L 2G3 Canada”.                                                             Email in Winnipeg, Canada:   or  

Mailing Address for checks to be sent in USA earmarked” for Eagles Wings Children’s Village:         “Real Partners Uganda, Inc., 523 Lafayette Blvd., Brigantine, New Jersey, 08203  USA.”                         Be sure to provide directions to go to “Eagles Wings” for sponsorships and donations.                                           Email: or    if you have any questions regarding methods of payment available such as using VISA, PAYPAL, MASTERCARD, etc. 

***Information required by anyone from UK, or Europe, etc. wishing to make donations or sponsorship of children, please email us at:

Please Pray For:

1)   our Farm Manager, Anatoli Lutaaya, who lost his wife, Christine, aged 42 this past week.  She leaves behind their six children.   Pray for comfort for this family.                                                                           2)   the children and staff who are receiving treatment for malaria.   It has been rampant this past month.  A shipment of 350 mosquito nets are to be provided from Kurt Petersen of Vancouver, B.C. later this year, good Lord willing.                                                                                                                                 3)  Dr. Haris, wife Maria, and children Alexander, Christine, Constantine, and Evanthia as they prepare to come to Uganda to set up a medical clinic at EWCV site under Hellenic Ministries of Greece.  They have many issues to deal with before they can come to join us in Uganda from the USA.                                                                               4)  Ja Ja’s Bill & Ann as they pray for God’s direction as to whether they should travel to Germany and Greece in April to promote EWCV.                                                                                                                     5)  new volunteer high school teachers to come to teach at “Eagles Wings High School” for at least a one year commitment starting February 2012 at their own expense.  Senior Secondary starts at Grade 8.        6)  funding for classrooms for a new senior secondary school.