Newsletter from EWCV Uganda August 2011


The children and staff of EWCV send greetings and thanks for your continued interest and prayers for this project.  Most of you in the northern hemisphere are in the midst of your summer months enjoying the summer sunshine with holidays.   Here in Uganda we are nearing the end of the dry season which seems to be prolonged somehow as we wait and pray for the rains to come.   Many of the crops have failed by now due to the prolonged drought during July.


We continue to have family and friends send us invitations to join Facebook or similar website contacts.   Please don’t feel that we don’t value your friendship if we don’t respond, but we haven’t joined any one of these offers.   We have chosen not to do so because of a lack of time to respond to over 100 offers, we feel we could not keep up and be fair to all who want to chat on a daily basis.  We therefore rely on our newsletter to keep everyone informed plus personal emails that we are able to handle.



With regards to correspondence, many of you should be receiving letters from your sponsored child sometime soon.   This past week many of our school staff as well as other office staff have been working with the school children to help them with their letter writing exercise to their sponsors.   It is a big task to complete successfully.   Our secretary then scans each letter to send by email to the sponsor.   Sometimes the sponsor has changed the email address without letting us know and so the email bounces back to us.   For the individuals who don’t have email access we forward the emails to some volunteers in Winnipeg who then print the letters and forward them through the post office to the sponsor.


If you don’t receive an email or posted letter from your child, we would appreciate it if you would let us know.   The children will soon be writing their final second term exams and then we will be needing to send out scanned copies of the report cards to the sponsors.   The second school term ends August 12th in a few weeks.   That is getting close to the time our secretary, Agnes, will be giving birth to her baby.    Ja Ja Ann and Rachael will take over trying to scan the reports to email to everyone.



The school year has been successful thus far with the usual challenges and opportunities being faced.   This is the first year that we have had a complete range of classes in our primary school from Nursery class up to Primary Seven.   The Primary Seven class is the first class of candidates to sit and write their National Primary Leaving Exams written by all of Uganda’s Primary Seven students countrywide.  This challenges the teachers of those students to work overtime to prepare them for the exams that will be written in English at the end of October into November in a few months time.  There are 283 children now attending Beth Pipe Nursery & Primary School.   There are now about 95 school children needing sponsorship at $40 per month CDN.   Some of these children can be found on our EWCV website:  



We are now in the process of renovating the old temporary primary school to be used as a temporary Senior Secondary School.   The old thatched roof has been removed and replaced with a new roof including iron sheets instead of thatch.   The old dirt floor has been built up with cement and is looking quite nice.   We now have to improve the walls as there are the old off cuts of wood covering the walls surrounding the school with huge gaps which allow the wind and rains to enter (plus snakes at times).

Some of our staff are preparing to visit primary schools in our neighboring villages to promote Eagles Wings High School which should be ready to operate by the beginning of February 2012.   We plan to begin with two Senior One streams of 40 students per stream.   This also means hiring eight teachers along with a new Head Master for the school.   This person will be responsible for the birthing of our secondary school over the next six years as we also build a new High School building adding classes from Senior One to Senior Six (A Level), good Lord willing.  We will be attempting to offer eighteen courses for Senior One starting in February 2012.   We will use the old structure until the new school building is ready.


There are quite a few eucalyptus poles left over from the old school buildings so we are going to use them to rebuild the temporary kitchen.   A dozen ladies from the nearby village originally built the kitchen for us about four years ago for the Primary School children and the church.   Now the roofing is very weak and leaky.  We are going to rebuild the kitchen and add on a second kitchen as an extension for the Senior Secondary School.  We will be having two small kitchens each with three burner stoves.  One kitchen will be used to cook for the primary students and the second kitchen will be for the senior secondary students.  The grass thatched roof will be replaced with iron sheets which are left over from the other roofing projects.   The only costs for this work will be the cost of nails as well as for new pots for both kitchens to fit the holes in the stoves.


As some workers were attempting to remove the old roof of our church, the whole frame collapsed.   Now the structure has been replaced to a new location recommended by the team of engineers (eMi).   It is being built as a temporary structure with the frame including eucalyptus poles and the roof being covered  with iron sheets rather than using thatched grass.  The walls are being covered with bamboo poles by our carpenter, Paul.   We should be able to have our first service Sunday August 07, 2011

For those of you who are interested in the new housing for Family #3, we continue to build the structures slowly as we are able.    The dining hut has been completed and now they are constructing the boys’ ECO SAN toilet with money raised by our daughter, Linda Vandenakker of Winnipeg as well as by one of our sponsors, Jaimee Schmidt of Brandon, MB.    They both entered the Half Marathon run which was held on Father’s Day in June 2011.   Well done, Ladies!   The children were so excited and pleased with what you did for them.  Now remaining are the four dormitory huts for the children of family #3 as well as their kitchen and parent’s house.



The Head Teacher, Wasswa Samuel, organized and took the Primary Seven class on a field trip to Kampala.    Teachers Sophie and Anthony accompanied the class who toured the International Airport at Entebbe as well as the Wild Life Zoo.   They traveled into the city and were able to see the Parliament Buildings.    They were thrilled to see planes taking off and landing at the airport.  This was the first time most of these students had ever been to Kampala crossing the equator on their way there and back home.


Thanks to the Grinestaff Family of Houston, TX, USA, the entire family of the late Kizza of 11 children and two adult family parents were taken by Uncle Allan, Social Worker for EWCV, to Kampala on an outing.  This was their first time to visit Kampala and to cross the equator.   They were able to see the aircraft landing and taking off at Entebbe Airport.  They came home to their village with many stories to tell of what they had seen.   The airport was the highlight for most of them.   The rainfall was too heavy for them to tour the zoo.



Our farm workers under Farm Manager Anatoli have harvested beans and are in the process this coming week of harvesting the maize crops.   They are constantly expanding the land farmed according to “Farming God’s Way”.   The harvested crops will be sold to the three families as well as the school and the church.   This means that little area is needed for storage of the harvested crops.   The money from the sale of the produce is put back into agricultural needs for the future development.  Students from the primary school will spend some time assisting Anatoli in the fields when the exams are over.   Family #3 who live here with us in town planted some maize, tomatoes, and egg plants last season and have now harvested two sacks of maize husks and an abundance of tomatoes which are now over.   They were able to sell tomatoes to everyone to help with their food budget.   Inflation rose during the month of July by 19% in the one month.    The cost of food has skyrocketed sharply.   Sugar is no longer included in the food budget for the children at this time.   Most schools in Uganda have closed two weeks early at the end of the second term because they cannot afford to feed the children under their earlier budgets.


We are told by Dr. Haris & wife, Maria, that the level of support for their family has reached 96.5% so they will soon be planning to head to Greece for one month to visit family and friends before coming to Uganda.   We praise God for increasing their level of support.  We pray that God will provide for the remainder of their support quickly as we need them here.   Medical testing and treatment is a huge need for our children and staff.   The Macris family are still in Chicago staying with Maria’s parents but have been traveling extensively to raise their support needed to come to Uganda.

Prayers Needed Please:

1)   For our Brother-in-Law, Lloyd Bassett, of Moose Jaw, SK., who has undergone two operations for both hips after falling on each one.   This was after he had undergone many chemo treatments for cancer.    Their family house is being sold and sister, Gloria Bassett is moving this week into an assisted living apartment in Moose Jaw.  We pray for Lloyd for a speedy healing and for strength for Gloria as she moves into new surroundings.   We also pray for the needed operations for Gloria for hernia and both knee replacements.

2)  For one of our sponsors, Wendy Bates, of Winnipeg, MB., who had a bad fall whereby she broke her tibia as well as her ankle.  We pray for speedy healing.

3)  For the victims of flooding in USA and Canada who had to be evacuted including the Chairman of EWCV Canada, Dale Myhre, his wife Sharon, and son Aaron.

4)  For Dr. Haris, wife Maria, sons Alexander and Constantine, and daughters Christina and Evanthia as they all prepare to come to Uganda as Medical Missionaries to EWCV under Hellenic Ministries of Greece.

We praise God for:

1) 108th Birthday of our eldest donor, Lorna Best, of Victoria, B.C.

2) August Birthdays of our Granddaughters, Jennifer Vandenakker and Sheena Peckham both of Winnipeg.   Also, Birthdays of friends Sam Lee in Vancouver, Paul Kline in Greece, Beryl & Alan Went of Masaka, Uganda, Marg Buhler of Winnipegosis, Cathie Bassett of Moose Jaw, Karen Shanks of Winnipeg, Pat Sawdon of Pickering, Ont., Paul Pavlides of Athens, Greece;   August Anniversaries of Brian & Pat Michalski of Winnipeg, Jag & Sudish Malik of Gilbert Plains, Jim & Jackie Brown of Brandon, Stefanos & Manon Michalios of Chicago, Ken & Sandy Pawluk of Selkirk, Paul & Shirley O’Brien of Coberg, Ont.    Happy Birthday & Anniversary to you all from EWCV in Uganda.

3) The continued financial support, letters, gifts, and care shown to the children and staff at EWCV.   May God bless you abundantly.


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“I carried you on eagles wings and brought you to myself.”

Exodus 19:4