Newsletter – June, 2010




Elisha’s Success Story


Elisha Kayanja came into our lives in the middle of January 2010.   He was brought to our church at the property by Mary, a lady who the father had entrusted the boy into her care with the promise that he would provide money for feeding.   However, the father, Jimmy, was unable to find work digging in the gardens for some little money.   When Mary brought Elisha up for prayers during the church service, we had no idea of the condition of the child wrapped up looking like a little baby.  After the service, we were introduced to Mary and little Elisha.   We thought by his appearance that he was a baby of about nine months.   When we learned about his condition, we were immediately concerned and knew that the only thing to save the baby was to take him immediately to the clinic in Lukaya.  

Elisha was admitted by the doctor into Mukwano Clinic for one week with Mary as the care giver.   We were told that the boy had been suffering from Kwashiorkor and Marasmus which are diseases of malnutrition.   The hair was sparse and had turned a bronze color.   He had developed an open wound on his foot which was open flesh down to the bone.   He could hardly sit up and could not stand.   His eyes had a glazed look.   His little body was skin and bone just like the pictures we had seen in past years of starving children in Africa.   The doctors asked that we provide high protein food for the baby’s feeding when he was admitted.   He was also suffering from Malaria and Typhoid.    After one week of proper medication, feeding, and rest for Elisha, we went back to visit him at the clinic after church the following Sunday.   We were told by the doctor that he would be discharged that day.   Wow, what to do?  Mary had to leave to go back to her own children in a distant village and there was no place to take Elisha.   Ann and I looked at each other.  There was no choice.   He had to come home with us to Masaka. 

We had no bed or facilities for bringing him into our home.   However, we had him sleep between us for some few weeks on our own bed so we could monitor him properly.   Then we purchased a play pen where he could sleep at the other end of our large bedroom.   His feeding continued with high protein soy flour mixed with silver fish flour and milk each morning.  He was given three regular meals per day along with snacks of fresh fruit and lots of sleep.   The staff showered Elisha with many hugs and love.  Within weeks, his appearance began changing as he gained weight and height.   He was able to sit up himself and eventually stand and then walk more recently May 11th.   We found out that he had a full set of baby teeth and was indeed a year and a half old when he came to us, not nine months old.   He just turned two years old in May.   He is now developing many of his skills like a normal two year old child and still talks baby talk.  He knows some words in English and also in the Luganda language.   We see growth with his skills each day.   He now likes to get into cupboards to mess everything up.   He is now feeding himself with a spoon.   He has become a huge blessing to our home at EWCV and perhaps will become the first child of Family #4 in the future.  

The father, Jimmy, has come to church several times to show his appreciation for what has been done for his son.   He knows that there is no way he could provide for his son at home.   The mother had left him and is nowhere to be found.  Through God’s intervention and miracle, this little boy now has hope for his life ahead.    People who have known him since he first came to us remain amazed by Elisha’s improvement.   We give God the praise and the glory for all improvements.  Perhaps Elisha will be chosen to be a future president of Uganda.    God holds his future.   Each morning Elisha is joined by Baby Grace (9 months) whose mother Stella brings her each morning to spend the full day in our home while Stella takes her schooling.  Our home is now truly a baby house!   A visitor has to tread carefully not to trip over small toys scattered throughout the house.  I’m sure that Abraham and Sarah must have had their fun during the first years of raising their son Isaac in their old age. 

Trip to Greece and Egypt

This past April Ann and I flew to Greece for three weeks where we attended the annual Family Conference held by Hellenic Ministries at their seaside property of Skorponaria.   It was a wonderful for us to be able to reunite with friends with whom we had worked at the HM office during our two years in Athens.   It also gave us an opportunity to share our work and news about EWCV here in Uganda.  

During our stay, we were able to meet with the President Johnathan Macris of HM and his brother, Dr. Haris Macris who had flown from the US to join us for meetings and to attend the conference as well.  During the conference Johnathan announced that HM would undertake to commit themselves to building a medical clinic to provide service for the children and staff of EWCV and the nearby community people of Lubumba.   This direction of this project will be overseen by Dr. Haris Macris who will work under HM as a medical missionary as they construct the clinic, provide equipment and staff, and run the clinic.   This will be a Hellenic Ministries Clinic.  Ann and I are still considered to be members of HM from the time we spent two years as volunteers.   I will offer assistance in any area of advise I might be able to give as we work together as partners.

There has been increasing need for a medical clinic during these past couple of years as our responsibilities to the children and staff of EWCV has grown and continue to grow to ten families of 24 children each in the future.   Malaria, typhoid, flue, and coughs continue to be a problem for so many.   Most often it has been difficult to find transportation to take children to the clinics which are each about four miles away.   It is often not possible at night and also is so dangerous. 

Dr. Haris Macris and his wife, Maria, and their four children will be coming to join us at EWCV in the future and will live in Soweto, Masaka, for the start near our head office of EWCV.   We pray for them as they prepare for all the things that need to be taken care of before they come this way long term.

Our friend, Joan Vautour, drove us to central Greece to Larissa where Pastor George and his wife, Despina, hosted us at their church where we were able to share EWCV with members of their congregation at a mid-week Bible Study.   We will be having a team from that church arrive here to volunteer with EWCV on July 3rd.    This will be the third trip here for some of that team.   Towards the end of October of this year we are expecting a second team to come from Greece to volunteer with EWCV.  In Athens we were able to offer two EWCV presentations at St. Andrew’s International Church. 

On our way home to Uganda we made a three day stopover in Cairo, Egypt, where we were able to spend time with a fellow member of Hellenic Ministries, John Daniel.   We hadn’t seen John for some few years and we now have greater appreciation and understanding of the work he is doing in Cairo as well as in some surrounding cities.  One afternoon we joined the many other tourists at the famous Giza Pyramids where I was able to have a ride on a camel nearby the pyramids.   Cairo is an amazing city of over 22 million people in this one city alone.   When we flew into the airport, we could see below how abrupt the Sahara Desert ends and the city begins.    All life is dependent upon the Nile River. The city never sleeps.   Traffic flows all night long.

New Primary School at EWCV Property


The day after Ann and I returned from our trip, we joined the children at the property and proceeded with the move from the old school to the new school with everyone carrying desks, books, cabinets and chairs to their new classrooms.   What a joy!   We just wish that everyone who has shared and provided funds for the school to be built could have been with us that day especially when we gave thanks to God in our first assembly in the new school.   It was only through the generosity of many, young and old, who gave so we could provide this very fine “Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School”  for the primary students from Nursery level to Primary Six.   Next year there will be the full range to Primary Seven.   I do hope that those of you who dug into your pockets to help build our school realize the wonderful gift you have provided for many children of EWCV now and into the future.   You have walked with us to see us through this construction phase and can now take pride in this achievement.    We praise God for your love shown to EWCV.  The children pray each day for their sponsors and donors.  

Now that we have come this far, some of you might wish to check our “Current Needs” link on our website:   to see how you can help provide items like more textbooks for the children.  

Right now we are completing the wiring for the Solar System of the school and hope to have it done by the end of this week.   Then we are praying that GTZ German Organization will install the batteries, solar panels, and inverter.   This will enable us to run computers in the offices as well as have a computer lab for the students when the good Lord provides.

We now have a very fine library, one of the finest in the Masaka District, I believe. 

We have two young ladies, Harriet and Annet, who were provided vocational training by EWCV for tailoring are now employed to make students’ uniforms, casual wear, and do repairs for children’s’ clothing.    They are working presently in the school library room.   These two ladies are also success stories for our staff as they now have hope in their lives through the training they have received and the jobs they now maintain.  They are now busy making African Dolls which are a challenge to make.  



Two young ladies from Germany joined us at EWCV at the beginning of May.   Jenny Vogt and Maria Dillmann have just completed their senior schooling in Germany and have decided to use their four months break to volunteer at their own expense with EWCV children.   What a blessing they are to the staff and children with the variety of things they do.   They have come to us with a servant’s heart willing to take on anything asked of them.   The children love them dearly and we are thankful that they will be here until the end of August.   They often look after our two babies in our home, Elisha and little Grace.  Both Maria and Jenny are now recovering from a mild case of malaria

On July 3rd we will be having three ladies arriving from Larissa, Greece to spend a short time with us.    We look forward to having them work with the children.   In October we are expecting a team from the USA from various states to be with us for at least a week and then another team arrive later in October from Greece, good Lord willing.  Ladies are informed about our dress code of wearing skirts and/or dresses only during their visits to show respect to the Uganda ladies who mostly do not wear pants/slacks. 

Prayers Needed


1)      Bishop Patrick Lee of Perth, Ontario, in hospital in Perth after having radiation treatment in an Ottawa hospital.   Also, for their daughter, Sharon, who has been troubled with cancer.   Please pray for Patrick’s wife, Mary Lee and their whole family during this time.

2)      For sister, Vicki McTaggart, who is on the mend after falling and breaking her collar bone, elbow, and two ribs.   Please pray for speedy healing.  

3)      For Sophia Syrros in Toronto having many stresses to deal with moving and building problems.  

4)      For Peter Kizza, a Ugandan Board member of EWCV who has just found out that he has diabetes and is recovering also from Malaria.

5)      For Kizza, 32 year old patient of ours from Lubumba community nearby EWCV property, who was badly beaten four years ago and left as a paraplegic.   His wife then left him with seven biological children and three other children to look after.  He has no income.  He is now in hospital in Kampala under our care of EWCV Extension program.   We need to pray that from the recent x-rays that he will be able to have some of the nerves reconnected somehow in his spine and his spinal column repaired.  We are supporting all of his children in our school program.   Please pray for sponsorship for his seven children.

6)      Please pray for Monica Grinestaff of Houston, Texas, as she is expecting their tenth child August 26th.   Pray for strength for Monica especially after they recently moved their whole family from Alaska to Texas.    However, God is taking care of them through the wonderful friends in their new church, their new neighbors, and their Real Estate Agent.    Pray also for strength and good health for Katie Swithenbank who is also due for their third child in August.  

7)      Please pray for Ann and I as we prepare to leave next month to travel to the USA as well as to Canada from July 20th to October 5th when we will return to Uganda.  We will send our itinerary out to everyone as soon as we have it completed for anyone who wishes to contact us for when we will be in their area. 


1)     If anyone has a spare vehicle which we could use during our travels in Manitoba and Saskatchewan from August 10th to October 6th, would you please let us know ASAP as we are trying to complete our plans for our visits to churches, friends, and relatives?   We will begin our visit to the Prairies in Winnipeg. 

2)     We will also be needing accommodations when we visit the Parkland area of Dauphin/Gilbert Plains from around the end of August 31st to the 20th September.   If anyone has an empty house/apartment/trailer which they wouldn’t mind us using, that would be great.   Then we wouldn’t be a burden on anyone.  


1)     To our daughter, Linda Vandenakker, who just completed her 13 mile marathon run in Winnipeg, MB, on Sunday, June 20th arriving at the finishing line at the University of Manitoba in 2 hours and 30 minutes.   To granddaughter, Jennifer for her performance at her recent dance concert with proceeds being sent to EWCV.

2)     To Harley Dyck who has graduated from Grade 12 in Manitoba, for his awards at the music festival and exams, and for his recent Baptism at church. 

3)     To Mrs. Lorna Best, of Oak Bay Lodge in Victoria, B.C. who will celebrate her 107th birthday on July 4th, 2010.   She has the distinction of being our eldest donor of EWCV.

      We enjoyed our visit with her last summer so much.

Triumph is just “umph” added to try.

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”   Galations 6:9