Newsletter – March, 2009

Good News from EWCV in Uganda

After a lengthy delay in receiving a decision from the High Voltage Transmission Line Company in Uganda , they have given us today the good news that we should go ahead with the building of our new primary school on the property.  This news is truly an answer to prayer as they are going to divert the lines totally around our property.   We should be getting this news confirmed in writing soon.  We have the architectural plans for our new school, as well as the land, so can begin next week, good Lord willing.   We have had donations towards the school that will cover approximately one third of what is needed.   The first phase will be the construction of the foundation.

The Well

We have also been holding off on completing the final stages of the well that will provide water for the children and staff at the property.  Our friend, George Grinestaff in Alaska , has been consulting with another well specialist in Kampala , Uganda , Wycliff Jagwe, on which type of pumping system to use.  Because we were originally told that the hydro line would be coming right through our property, we had to hold off with any further developments like the well project and the building of the new school.  Now we will proceed with the well project.  (The experts who are advising us are presently looking into an automated solar pumping system.)   What a blessing it will be to have a supply of water available for making the cement needed in the construction of the new school!  The water purification kit for drinking water that we were given has also been such a blessing.

Bill and Ann Leaving Uganda , April 1st, for Five Months

We praise God for the generosity of Sophia Syrros from Toronto who has arranged, through an air miles plan, to book and pay for our flight from Uganda to Canada .  We have wanted so much to be present in Winnipeg during June in order to attend two of our granddaughters’, Amanda Vandenakker and Sheena Peckham’s, graduations from Grade 12.  What a blessing that we will now be able to attend!  We will also be able to attend the wedding, in Vancouver on July 18th, of Grace Lee to Arthur Kam.   Praise God!

Our itinerary is still filling in for giving PowerPoint presentations and sharing our vision for Eagles Wings Children’s Village.   Major stops for us include Athens , Greece ; Aberdeen , Scotland ; and Toronto , Winnipeg , Gilbert Plains , Vancouver , and Victoria , in Canada .  If you wish to contact us about our itinerary, please email or write to us so we can give you the details of where and when our presentations will take place.

Selling of the Peckham House in Gilbert Plains , Manitoba , Canada

Our house in Gilbert Plains has been sold to Richard and Tammy Kawalski who take possession  this week.  We are very grateful to our daughter, Linda Vandenakker, who has removed so much stress from us by overseeing all the details of selling the house. We are told that Tammy and Richard are wishing to turn “Peckham House” into a Bed and Breakfast in Gilbert Plains .  The house was originally built in 1904 in various stages.  We are thrilled that they wish to preserve some of the history belonging to the house.  Our best wishes to the Kawalski’s.

School Children Sponsorship Program

We are presently providing free breakfast and lunch for 148 needy orphans and other children from Lubumba Village who, everyday, join our children from EWCV at the “Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School”.   We provide instruction, uniforms, scholastic materials including textbooks and other materials for each child from Nursery to Primary Grade Five classes, without school fees.  Our Social Worker, Allan Kisakye, has spent many hours, over the past few weeks, taking a picture of and providing a profile for each of the 148 children.  He has worked so hard because he is truly an advocate for each of these children, wanting them to continue to receive free schooling and also be given further assistance such as medical and dental care.

Today I came home from Dr. Jjun Ju’s clinic where Allan had taken a nine-year old boy, Stephen, as well as his grandmother, for testing and treatment.  Their little home is infected with Jiggers.   Stephen’s hands and feet have been infected with these tiny insects that lay their eggs in and feed on his flesh.  Today and tomorrow, the nurses are removing the jiggers and are applying a special salve to the wounds on both his feet and hands.  Besides this problem, Stephen has Malaria, Syphilis, Typhoid, and Hook Worms.  His grandmother is nearly blind and has Malaria and Syphilis.

Stephen sleeps at the grandmother’s home on the dirt floor with the Jiggers.  He has only the clothes on his back.  He is one of the orphaned village children whom we wish to reach out to help, along with his widowed grandmother.  They often go without food.   Please help us with this Outreach Ministry to the surrounding village of Lubumba .   Right now, we are making it a priority to help Stephen and his grandmother even though we don’t have any funds coming in for this purpose.  We are stepping out in faith believing that somebody will help.

Stephen’s is only one of the many stories of these 148 children whom we are reaching out to help.  (These 148 children are in addition to the 72 EWCV children who are permanently in our care and are sponsored.)

We do not yet have these 148 children on the website, but we will send the information required to our volunteers in Winnipeg , for those of you who might like to sponsor children at $45 CAD, $37 USD, 27 EUR, or 24 GBP per child per month.  Such sponsorships will enable us to provide medical and dental care, and clothing, as well as education with fully qualified teachers, for each child.  If you have any questions about how to sponsor a school child in this Extension Program, please phone Francie Humby in Winnipeg at 204-257-2483.

Thank You

We appreciate so much the prayers of so many of you each day.  These prayers keep EWCV moving forward.   To God be the praise and glory for what He has done for EWCV.   Thank you for your encouraging emails, letters, pictures, and the surprise care packages for Ann and myself.  The packages of books which have been arriving from Victoria and Winnipeg as well as the 68 boxes of books sent here from southern Manitoba for a new school library will truly be a blessing for the children under our care.  The many volunteers who have come and brought gifts as well as spent time painting, playing, and working with the children will not be forgotten.   Each of you has left a lasting impression towards making a difference in the lives of our children.  We also offer our heartfelt thanks for the many donations and sponsorships that have come to EWCV.

EWCV Canadian Head Office: 61 St. Vital Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R2M 1Z4, with bookkeeper Pat Bates at 204-254-5309.

Inquiries:  204-257-2483 (Harry and Francie Humby)

***VISA is also an option for donations/sponsorship at EWCV Office.


American EWCV Head Office:
“Real Partners Uganda ”, Incorporated
523 Lafayette Blvd. , Brigantine , New Jersey , 08203 USA
Email: or
Phone number:  (609-264-9142)
Cell:  (609-384-5746).
Be sure to designate the donation to Eagles Wings Children’s Village.

Eagles Wings Children’s Village Inc.

Notes to Financial Statements

December 31, 2008


1. Purpose of Organization

The purpose of the EWCV is to provide the necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter, education) for orphaned children and people in poverty in the country of Uganda , Africa .

2. Significant Accounting Policies

EWCV follows an accrual method of accounting. All transactions are recorded at the time of occurrence.

3. Capital Assets

Eagles Wings Children’s Village in Canada holds no assets. All profit is sent to the Ugandan NGO Eagles Wings Children’s Village.

4. Documentation of Spending in Uganda

Eagles Wings Uganda keeps its own set of books. Their books are audited once per year and the Canadian organization receives a written copy of each audit.

Projects and expenses other than day-to-day operations are approved by the Canadian Board of Directors and are in our minutes.

5.Revenue includes the following:

REVENUE                                                              2008                    2007

   Assistant Director                                                                           1,600                     1,400             

   Construction of # 2 Hut                                                                    0.00                     7,000             

   Land Fund                                                                                      3,000                       0.00

   Personal Gift                                                                                      800                       0.00

   Playground                                                                                       0.00                        300

   School Building Fund                                                                    22,251                       0.00

   Teacher                                                                                          3,050                     5,025              

   Travel Expenses                                                                               0.00                     3,614           

   Well                                                                                              17,000                       0.00

Extension Program                                                                          18,998                  18,330           

Group/ Organization Donations                                                        27,349                   10,365           

Individual Contributions                                                                   60,140                   34,287   

Interest Income                                                                                       74                       0.00                          


   Children                                                                                       37,820                   18,695

   Gifts                                                                                               3,506                      0.00

Staffing Salaries                                                                                                              

   Cook                                                                                                590                     1,200           

   Farm Manager                                                                                1,100                     1,100                            

   Farm Worker                                                                                 2,300                     1,825                       

   House Parent                                                                                  4,625                     3,000              

   Laundry Woman                                                                                775                        350

Security Guard                                                                           50                       0.00

Social Worker                                                                       2,790                     2,700                        

                                                    Total revenue              207,818                  109,191                               


Eagles Wings Children’s Village Inc.

Statement of Operations and Net Assets

December 31, 2008


REVENUE                                                              2008                    2007

Total Revenue                                                                              207,818                   109,191




Accounting Fees                                                                       784                        339           

Bank Charges and Interest                                                     1,819                     1,640                

Legal Fees                                                                                  87                       0.00

Office Supplies                                                                         667                        459

Postage, Shipping, Delivery                                                       450                        174

Travel & Meeting Expenses                                                        92                     3,614

Visa / MC Settlement Charges                                                  128                       0.00                       


Eagles Wings Village Transfer                                                        188,010                 127,020

                        Total Expenses                                                   192,037                 133,246


Excess (Deficiency) of Revenue Over Expenses                          15,780.97             -24,055.45           

Net Assets, beginning of the year                                                  3,398.11              27,553.56                    

Net Assets, end of year                                                             19,179.08                3,398.11           


Current Assets                                                 

Bank                                                                                          19,174.08                3,398.11

Membership Share                                                                              5.00                       0.00           

Total Current Assets                                                                   19,179.08                 3,398.11                  

Liabilities and Net Assets


                                                                                                   0.00                       0.00

Retained Earnings

                                                                                           3,398.11              27,453.56

Net Income                                                                                15,780.97             -24,055.45

            Total Liabilities and Net Assets                                 19,189.08                 3,398.11