Newsletter – September 2010

Newsletter for EWCV Uganda September 2010

Success Story of Annet Nabatanzi

Our Social Worker, Allan Kisakye, came to us in the EWCV office one day to share with us and to make an appeal for a young lady and her three siblings.   Annet Nabatanzi , he said, was the eldest of four children of a child-headed family.   Their parents had both died leaving these four children living on their own in a small two room house which was falling apart.  Annet was thirteen at the time.   Allan took me to meet them.    This meeting had a great impact on me as it was the second time I had been confronted face to face with people living in poverty.   These young children were living totally on their own and were having to find food by accepting handouts from neighbours and by going to dig in their neighbor’s gardens to earn some little bit of money to feed themselves.

I went back to see them soon after and entered their house.   I had somebody go with me to translate as the children could not speak English.    When I went into their house, I was shocked to find that they were not sleeping on beds, but on mats, they had vertually no food to eat, there was no drinking water available, there were bat droppings everywhere, and there was no furniture.   We went into town to take them to the doctor as they were suffering from a fever which turned out to be malaria.   When we came out of the clinic, I realized that would have no clean drinking water to take their medication with.   They had not had any water to drink that morning.   They had also not had any food to eat.   We went next door to the restaurant where they were told to order a complete meal with a soda.   This was their first time to have ever been in a restaurant.   After this meal we went across the street into one of the small shops in Lukaya Town where we ordered some basic items which they needed for their home for food preparation as well as some food.   Thankfully, a church cell group in Steinbach, Manitoba agreed to assist this family financially and prayerfully.  The two middle children were placed into schools as day students and the youngest, Frank, was included into Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School as one of our students.    This way we could see that they were being fed properly and also receving proper instructional materials for schooling.

Annet had stopped attending school as she had to stay home to look after her father who was dying of AIDS.   Her English skills prevented her from continuing at primary school.   It was decided that Annet would be given the opportunity to take some training for a year in Lukaya to become a seamstress.    Her support group provided funds for a sewing machine to be purchased.    She completed her course and then set up her sewing machine in a small shop in Lukaya where she walked four miles one way each day to try and make a living to support herself and to help her siblings.   However, she received no business and became very discouraged after a year.   We brought her into our EWCV office in Masaka where she learned to make uniforms for the children along with another young teenaged girl, Harriet Tusabe, who trained in sewing through our Extension Program at EWCV.   These two young ladies did a fine job of sewing the uniforms under the direction of a professional tailor.

It was decided that we would offer Annet and Harriet a full time job with EWCV so they could mend clothing and continue making uniforms when needed.   Then they both learned how to make African dolls from a pattern provided for them as well as from some sample dolls.   Now the dolls are being sold for $35 each to be able to purchase more materials for making more dolls and towards salaries.   Life has improved tremendously for Annet and her siblings.   She assists whenever needed to help with the children of EWCV.    We have been blessed at how God has provided for all Annet’s needs.    She has a renewed hope in her life at the age of seventeen years.  Annet Nabatanzi is very thankful to the support group which has stood behind her during these few years.

Ja Ja Bill & Ann’s Travels

In an effort to continue to raise awareness and support for EWCV, we have been traveling extensively since July when we left Uganda for North America.    Our stops included Boston, Houston, and Chicago in the USA, and Winnipeg in Canada where it was wonderful to be reunited with our family.    Our hosts at each stop provided us with the finest of hospitality.    We are truly appreciative of everyone’s efforts to make us feel welcome in their homes.   We are now in the Parkland Region of rural Manitoba, Canada, where we continue to meet with friends and to speak in churches where invited.    Our Sundays have been fully booked until we return to Uganda October 7th from Winnipeg.  However, we are always available if asked to speak anywhere about the work at EWCV and the children.   We carry a cell phone with us everywhere:    1-907-903-6666 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-907-903-6666      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.    Since our departure from Houston, Texas, our friends George and Monica Grinestaff have added number ten child, Rosie, to their family.   Monica gave birth in their home this past Sunday.   Congratulations to the Grinestaff family.    Now we are praying for a safe delivery for our friends, Simon and Katie Swithenbank of Stonewall, Manitoba any minute now.   This will be number three child for their family.   We look forward to being in Gilbert Plains this coming Tuesday where we will be staying in the camp grounds in the valley until September 20th when we move on to Moose Jaw, SK.

New Playground Equipment for EWCV

We are so thankful to the team and directors of “Kids Around the World” who provided some wonderful playground equipment for the new school at our property of EWCV.    We had nothing in the line of this type of facility for our children and never dreamt that God would provide us with such an incredible setup.     A team of about eighteen volunteers came from the USA and worked for several days after the equipment had arrived in a container from the USA.    Once it was set up according to very high safety standards the team joined the staff and children from EWCV at the new school for a time to dedicate the playground to Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School and EWCV.   They also had a time of prayer as they all joined hands around the structures to give thanks to God for His provisions.    Our thanks go out to Jim and his team from the USA as well as to some of our friends from Hope School in Masaka who were instrumental in helping this project along to completion.   You might wish to check out the website of EWCV: where you can see in the photo gallery some pictures showing the playground.

Farming God’s Way

Recently, our Farm Manager, Anatoli, and Ronald, Assistant F.M., attended a workshop in Kampala where they were introduced to some wonderful insights into farming.  We have been struggling with the issue of trying to avoid using anything on our soils which would damage them for the years to come.   We were also wishing to gain some ideas on how to improve the fertility of the soils on the eleven or so acres which we have been working.   There have been constant battles with monkeys destroying our crops as well as with a lack of rains.    Our well has been nearly dry during this last dry season of June to August, so there was not enough water to use for agriculture other than to provide for our cow.   Our agricultural workers are trying to improve the provisions of vegetables and fruit to provide for the children to eat and are indeed needing a more secure water source for branching out into drip irrigation techniques.    Now that we are into September, the rains should begin and the crops should be seeded by now to get ready for this growing season of three months before the next dry season.   Anatoli and Ronald came back from their workshop in Kamapal fired up and challenged to move ahead with many improvements in the Agricultural Department of EWCV.    If you wish to check out the website of “Farming God’s Way”, you might be interested in what they have to say.    They began their organization in Zimbabwe back in 1984 and are now running training programs in many countries around the world to try to make a difference with the poverty and lack of food found in many third world countries.


Students of Beth Pipe Nursery and Primary School are now on their semester break for a month until September 13th when classes resume for the third and final semester of the year.   Then they will have holidays for two months during December and January until February 2011 when the new school year begins.    The facilities in the new school have been used during the second semester.   However, the old kitchen which was built by the ladies of the community is still being used for preparing the two meals every day for the students and staff.   Our main project right now is to raise the money to build the new kitchen for the new school with two energy efficient stoves.   The aim is to also build a corral for cows nearby the site so that the urine and manure from the cows can be fed into a digestor tank to produce bio-gas which will be directed by pipes to the kitchen for cooking.    The milk from the cows will be used to feed the children.   The students will also learn some agricultural skills of looking after the cows and doing the milking.   We need approximately $25,000 to build the corral, purchase five cows, digestor, kitchen, stoves, and storage room for food.   We will proceed construction when God provides enough funds for these items.   We are also needing $3,000 to purchase text books for the students who will enter Primary Seven next year.

If you are sponsoring a child from Family 1,2, or 3, or one or more of  the students of the school children from Lubumba Community, you should have received a report card and a personal letter from your child sent by email through our secretary, Agnes, at the EWCV office in Ugana.   If you didn’t receive one please contact Agnes:

Christmas Feeding Program

Last year during the Christmas season we were able to provide special meals for children from the community as well as for our own children in the three families.    This was made possible by the generosity of many people who dug into pockets to provide the funds needed to cover everything.    We praised God for what He provided.    During that season last year, the people of the village were suffering due to lack of rain for the crops.   It looked like they would lack food for Christmas.  Yes, God provided.    We planned and coordinated a special Christmas meal for nearly 400 people from Lubumba Community of mostly children after church one day.   The children of the three families were also provided with a fine Christmas meal.    Three days before Christmas, the community students came to school where they were provided with a shopping bag full of food items and a gift item which was a ball.   This food was to provide several Christmas meals for each family.   Once again, contributions were given whereby we were able to provide many items like 2 kg. maize flour, 2 kg. sugar, 2 kg. rice, salt, matches, cooking oil, margerine, bread, and a bar of bathing soap and one bar of soap for washing clothes.  This year we are asking for $20 per child due to the increased food costs.   If a classroom of students wish to make this a fall project or a certain group from an office staff wish to take on so many students, that would be great.   Whatever a person feels led to give for this Christmas appeal is appreciated.

Please note that these donations need to be sent to our Winnipeg Head Office for EWCV by October 20th so that cheques can be processed and deposited for clearing on November 1st.   Then we will receive the money needed to do our bulk shopping in December before Christmas.   So, October 20th is the deadline that we are asking to be met by donors.   The children from the community don’t receive shoe boxes of gifts from abroad, so this gift of food given by you will be so appreciated and shared by their entire family.

Please continue to pray for:

1)  Bishop Patrick Lee, his wife Mary Lee, and daughter Sharon who are all struggling with cancer right now in Perth, Ontario.

2)  Lloyd Bassett struggling with cancer in Moose Jaw, SK.

3)  Dr. Haris and Maria Macris and four children preparing to come to Uganda as medical missionaries to EWCV;  pray for the sale of their home in Michigan, USA.

4)  George Grinestaff’s team coming to EWCV Uganda next month October 17th from Texas and Alaska on a water project plus a Vacation Bible School program.

Condolences – Word has been received from Hugh Wilson that his wife, Adeline Wilson, died at their home in Florida on August 25th.   Adeline Graham grew up in Gilbert

Plains and attended Brickburn School.

Mailing Address for cheques to be sent to EWCV in Canada:

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Email in Winnipeg, Canada:

Mailing Address for cheques to be sent in USA “earmarked” for EWCV:

Real Partners Uganda, Inc.

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