Newsletter – Summer, 2006

A Canadian Registered Charitable Organization

Greetings from the Masaka site of Eagles Wings Children’s Village Incorporated in Uganda!  Our last newsletter was completed after the beginning of the spring season in North America.  We are now into the summer season back in N.A. and it is summer holidays back home in Canada.  Here in Uganda, we are just now entering a three-month dry season.  Some crops like beans are already being harvested, but the maize corn needs time to mature before picking.  Another good rain would certainly help!

This week, our home town, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, Canada, is celebrating its 100th Anniversary.  Many of our friends are traveling from every direction on the continent to take part in the happenings this week.  We wish everyone there a great time with friends and family.  We wish we could be with you, but, hopefully, we’ll hear some reports when everyone gets back to their homes again.  Have a great week, Gilbert Plains and Visitors!  If you are interested, check out the G.P. website:

Update Progress Report on EWCV Inc.

  1. Four of the nine buildings being constructed at EWCV site are nearing completion.  The last five buildings, including the dining hut and four children’s sleeping huts, have the cement foundation in place and the brick layers are starting to build the walls.  We are told that these buildings will go up quickly.
  2. After our Danish friend, Dan, plowed more than seven acres of our land, the workers planted matooke suckers (bananas) and seeds for beans, maize corn, cassava, peanuts, sweet potatoes, and Irish potatoes.  This planting was completed at the beginning of the rainy season.  Now that we are into the dry season, we are already feeding the children fresh beans, cobs of maize, and some Jack Fruit from the trees on our property.  The mangos won’t be ready until January 2007.  We purchased two dogs to keep the monkeys out of the fields.  I saw the damage done by the monkeys in a couple of small areas of the fields and realize that they can cause major damage to crops if they are not prevented from doing so.
  3. We have now increased the number of lone orphaned children with us at our house in Masaka to sixteen with all but one of the children having monthly sponsors.   Little Margaret Nasuuna is still on the “Sponsor a Child” link on the EWCV website waiting to be sponsored.   We brought her to live with us believing that a sponsor will come forth soon.
  4. On May 17th to 19th, our Social Worker, Allan Kisakye, Ann, and I hired a car and drove to northern Uganda to visit the Koro IDP camp (Internally Displaced Peoples) near Gulu.  Allan spent a day and half interviewing children and adults to find nine children who are totally lone orphans without any parents living, and who are between the ages of three and six.   The condition of people living in these refugee camps is very poor, with a high death rate due to disease and over-crowding with extremely poor sanitation facilities.  Allan found out that most of the children who were brought to him by the camp leaders were not totally lone orphaned children and he tried to be very thorough in assessing each case.   You can see some pictures of this visit in the “Photo Gallery” on the website.
  5. At the end of June, Allan Kisakye returned by public transport to spend the week in Gulu meeting with Probation Officers and other Social Workers to get clearance to travel to other camps to interview people again to find the nine children.  He was given great assistance by some of the workers he met and came home with the profiles and pictures of seven children from one IDP camp and two from the original Koro IDP camp which we had visited.   This information has now been emailed to our friend, Celesta Thiessen in Steinbach, MB, Canada, and she has entered these children on the “Sponsor a Child” link on our website.   We have been seeking the approval and support of social workers, probation officers, and others for us to bring nine Acholi children to live in a new home at EWCV after the construction has been completed at the site.   We also need to hire an Acholi social worker/teacher who speaks both English and Lou languages to assist the new children in adjusting to their new environment.  Our Masaka area is mostly people of the Buganda tribe and Luganda language.  We had been challenged to help some of the children in the war-torn northern Uganda and this is our contribution to these children.
    We will raise nine totally lone orphaned children from the IDP camps.  We realize that some of these children may test positive for HIV/AIDS.
  6. Our NGO (Non Governmental Organization) certificate has been renewed and is good now until July 27th, 2008.  Our work permit applications have been submitted to the Immigration Office and we are hoping that, by the end of this month, they will be approved for at least three years.
  7. Our website, on-line Sponsorship for Children has been successful due to the work of Celesta and Leo Thiessen in setting up this new link on the website.  You might wish to check it out at:
  8. We are picking up a new motorcycle for our Social Worker this week from Kampala.

Praise Items

  1. For Allan Kisakye to be able to pick up a new motorcycle this week from Kampala.  It will provide him transport to the interior villages on very rugged roads.  The money for has been donated by an anonymous donor.  We praise God for this generosity.  Allan will also be able to take children to the doctor on it.
  2. For the couple of days away on our own to celebrate our anniversary at Queen Elizabeth National Park which borders the Rwenzori Mountains and is located in the Great Rift Valley of Africa.   We were able to hire our friend’s truck which can handle the rugged roads much better than a car.  We even drove to the border of The Democratic Republic of the Congo as it is a short distance from the main highway through QE Park.  The highlight of our stay at the park was sitting in the truck watching, up close, a family of elephants with a very young baby elephant.  The parents were quite protective of the little guy.  Ann quite enjoyed watching the variety of monkeys and baboons that occupies the compound in which we were staying.
  3. For receiving our NGO Certificate renewal.
  4. For the many people praying for our project.
  5. For the donors who have enabled this project to continue developing in its infancy stage.
  6. For the harvest of some of our crops – the fruits of the labor of the workers who planted them.
  7. For the volunteers who have been doing the newsletter mailing at their own expense and designing and printing and distributing brochures, the Winnipeg EWCV Head Office Secretarial and Bookkeeper, Canadian and Ugandan Board Members, website monitor, bookkeeper in Uganda (Ann), friends manning an EWCV booth at Jesus Manifest, and volunteer student workers who assist us with our Ugandan children.

Current Needs

  1. Double Cabin Pickup Truck @ $16,000 CAD.
  2. Monthly sponsorship for Margaret Nasuuna who is with us now as well as for the nine lone orphaned children from the IDP camps in the north near Gulu.(See the on-line sponsorship link in the website: )
  3. Monthly sponsorship for one House Parent @ $125 CAD.  (The other House Parent is now sponsored.)

Prayer Needs

  1. For strength and good health for the workers/staff and children.
  2. For quick approval of our Work Permits by the Government.
  3. For a speedy completion of the construction of the children’s sleeping hut and the dining hut at the EWCV site so the first family unit can move to their new home.
  4. For the funding needed to complete the construction of the first family unit.

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Contact us: Bill & Ann Peckham, Box 842, Masaka, Uganda, East Africa

Phone from Canada:   011-256-782-759-743 Bill and 011-256-782-020-959



61 St. Vital Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2M 1Z

Email: Phone:  204-256-6411

If you wish to check out our geographical site locations on Google Earth:

  1. Location in Soweto, Masaka, Uganda  where we are living right now:
    Elevation 1,270 m;
    South Latitude 00 degrees 21.059 minutes;
    East Longitude 031 degrees 44.592 minutes.
  2. For the location of the EWCV property of 72.1 acres at the village of Lubumba near the town of Lukaya where the children will be moving to their new home next month,  The coordinates are:
    Elevation:  1184 m;
    South Latitude 00 degrees 07.507 minutes;
    East Longitude 031 degrees 52.222 minutes