Our dry season has now left us and we are into the rainy season.   Each season usually lasts about three months.   Our farmers are now having their cornels from the last harvest of maize milled in the nearby town.  Our Farm Manager, Anatoli, says that we should be getting about 650 kg. of maize flour.   Then each of the three house parents will be milling their family’s maize to add to their food supply.  Both schools are ready to mill their maize as well.   All of this will help to decrease the food budget tremendously.  We would love someday to have our own maize mill (run by generator) on site to save costs of milling in town and to serve the surrounding farmers.

Now all farmers have been digging and planting to get ready for the rains.   Each family has been provided with their own garden area as well as each of the two schools.   We are really focusing on expanding agricultural produce to help us keep food costs down to feed our children.  We have had several heavy rains this past couple of weeks which have filled the cisterns with water.   This is such a blessing for us.   Last year we had to haul loads of water by truck from town to the property during the dry season due to a water crisis.   That was expensive.  This past dry season the new hand pump in the well provided enough water for everyone to keep us going.   It was so great!  (Thanks, Dale). The supply of tomatoes should be ready for picking again by December from the Horticulture area.  Other fruit and vegetables are also being planted.

All of our farming is being done according to “Farming God’s Way”.   More area is being added to this procedure each season.   Most students are continually involved in helping with farming at school and some of the most needy students in the high school are paying for their school fees/supplies by working in the school gardens.   Right now some of the parents are keeping their children home from school to hoe and plant in the family gardens.   This is a challenge for the teachers.


On August 15th, 2012, family #3 moved from their home here in Soweto to their new  home at EWCV Property.    They have  lived here with us in town for the past five years and were anxious to move so they could be with the other families 1 & 2.  In total we moved 33 people (mostly children) and the staff for that family. What excitement!  It took two large moving trucks as well as a Coaster Van  and our EWCV small truck.

The House Parents are now living in the Dining Hut with their own three children and the 24 children are sleeping 12 girls together in their hut and then 12 boys in the other hut.  We are doubling the children up right now until we are able to build the other two huts for them.   Then they will sleep six per hut in four huts.  The two ECO SAN toilets were completed several months ago and a temporary kitchen/storage has been built at the back.

The cost to build each of the two childrens’ huts will be $8,900 and the House Parent’s house will cost us $12,000. The permanent kitchen/storage will cost $10,000.  These structures will be top priority for us to complete in the future as God provides.  A solar lighting system will cost about $10,000 when the buildings have been completed.


Our Primary and High Schools opened again after a month’s break this last Monday 3rd September.  We are now into the third and last term of the school year that will end on November 30th.  Then they will have a two Christmas/New Year season for December and January.  The Primary Seven students are now candidates to write their Primary Leaving Exams at the end of November.  Those students who pass will be allowed to enter our High School next February 2013 (Eagles Wings High School).

Our present Senior One students in the high school will enter Senior Two level if they pass.  They will be the first students to use the two new classrooms being built by Classrooms for Africa.   Those two classrooms are nearing completion.   We will be in need of ten more rooms in the future to complete that part of the High School including two science laboratories plus two ECO SAN toilets and a permanent kitchen.   We are in the process of having our high school licensed and then registered with the government.  That has been completed for the primary school.


At the beginning of August, Bill & Ann & Elisha drove to Kigali, Rwanda, to attend an Introduction celebration of friends, Kenneth Rwego and his fiancé, Abigail, who were later married in Kampala August 25th.   Both events were marvelous indeed.   We are so happy for this newly married couple.   Before the wedding, Bill & Ann were sponsored by two Canadian Board Members of EWCV to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend a Workshop on “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills” from August 18th to the 23rd.   It was enjoyed immensely.   What a blessing to be among 25 wonderful people who represented 14 countries from around the world.   Everyone arrived tired but left quite refreshed.   A big thanks, Dale and Jaimee, for allowing us to attend.

MACRIS FAMILY NEWS – by Alex Macris (Age 16)

My Dad (Dr. Haris) has spent countless hours getting legal residence permits for himself and my mom as well as student visas for us children.  He has also obtained his Ugandan medical license, so he is able to practice medicine legally.  Every week he has multiple medical visits with the orphans and occasionally checks out other missionaries if they are having health problems.   If you all can pray that God will send a good Christian nurse– that is something Dad is in great need of.  He wants to build a one room temporary clinic on the property so he has somewhere to work out of until he builds the permanent one.  So far he has gotten one quote, and he is currently waiting for a second one before he builds.

Our family has been involved in three different major projects with the orphans.  In April, Mom, Christina and Joan Davidson did sewing lessons with some of the older orphan girls. The whole family simultaneously did a Vacation Bible School program for the kids of family three.  Just recently we did what we called the RYBED (Read Your Bible Every Day) marathon for the kids.

They were each given a sheet of paper and we challenged them over the next 42 days to read a chapter daily.  Almost all of them read every single day; so for a celebration we had a day of “Olympic Games.”  All the kids were divided into 6 “countries” (teams)– Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo and Burundi. It was a smashing success, and we are hoping to do the same thing again later this month with a team that is coming from Germany.


Probably the most exciting news for our family is that we (Macris Family) are being evicted from our house. Our landlady is an extremely wealthy lady who let her son make some bad financial decisions. She is now five billion shillings in debt, (over two million dollars) an astronomical amount in this country considering a day’s wage is less than two dollars.  We are moving Saturday, September 22nd.   After looking at many houses for rent, the last one we found is the one for us.  We all fell in love with it.  My grandparents came from Chicago via Greece last Thursday for 6 weeks!  We are very thrilled have them visit us.  It is so nice that they will be here to help with the move!

My big personal news is that I went to Greece for three weeks to participate in Operation Joshua 5 (Hellenic Ministries initiative).  It was an amazing experience and I had the privilege of being part of a team of 330 people who distributed over 126,000 Greek and Turkish New Testaments!  After OJ finished I was able to go to Istanbul,Turkey for two nights and see the Agia Sophia. One of those nights I spent in the car, because we couldn’t find a decently priced hotel with enough rooms! I rounded out my time with a few days in Athens before flying back to Uganda.



We have had some of our sponsors/donors stop donations and this has made it difficult to provide everything needed for the children, especially food.   In family #3 we haven’t received sponsorship money for two bright young brothers now for over a year.  The two boys are:

1)    Daniel Yesuamala – born August 2, 2001 – Grade 5; 2) Calib Talemwa – born May 3rd, 2004 – Grade 4.  Both of their parents died and we took in four of the children from the same family to try to keep them together; 3) Martin Ntege – born August 20th, 2001 – Grade 3 – who is very bright, but a dyslexic young boy needing extra help in school – also a total orphaned child.  We need $45 USD per child per month for each of these three children; 4) Twins – Oliver Babirye – born May 5th, 2000 in Grade 4 along with 5) Teopista Nakato – both day students at school – Grade 5 @ $40 per child. 6) A sponsor for one of our primary teachers has stopped donations of $160 per month.


We are going to ask people who wish to donate towards this program $35 CDN per child per food bag.

They need to send the Canadian donations to Pat Bates in Winnipeg the latest October 20th like last year so that she can get the cheques to the bank and get the money to us to be able to shop for these items early in December.    During the last two years God has provided enough money to cover all the extra food that we needed for the Christmas feedings and gift bags through the kind and generous financial assistance from many of you.   We will need to purchase the items in bulk ahead of time before the shops raise their prices for Christmas season.   We need gift bags for approximately 400 children.  Many people asked us to remind them again this year about the program.  So, this is a gentle reminder for you.

The gift bags include:  Rice, Sugar, Flour, Bread, Margarine, Cooking Oil, Matches, a toy.


  1. Family of Evelyn Reeves in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.  Evelyn died recently in Winnipeg.

Her son, Wayne and Ellen Reeves have taken over sponsorship of Scovia in Family #2.

  1. Family of Brian Lynch in Gilbert Plains, MB, Canada.


PRAYER REQUESTS:  1. We would still like to send our Human Resource Manager, Rachael, to represent EWCV in Canada. Please continue to pray that the doors will open.

  1.  2.  Completion of Family 3 housing.
    1. For safety and protection over staff and children as they begin their 3rd term.
    2. That God will provide good crops during this planting season.
    3. God’s armor of protection over all that we do in His Mighty Name.
    4. Prayer for Macris’ move into their new home and development of the new medical clinic.
    5.  Continued prayers for our family back in Canada.

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